split invalidate_inodes()
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / internal.h
2010-10-26 Al Viro split invalidate_inodes()
2010-10-26 Dave Chinner fs: Convert nr_inodes and nr_unused to per-cpu counters
2010-10-26 Al Viro unexport invalidate_inodes
2010-08-18 Nick Piggin fs: brlock vfsmount_lock
2010-08-18 Nick Piggin tty: fix fu_list abuse
2010-05-21 Al Viro Bury __put_super_and_need_restart()
2010-03-03 Al Viro Take vfsmount_lock to fs/internal.h
2009-12-22 Al Viro Fix f_flags/f_mode in case of lookup_instantiate_filp...
2009-12-16 Eric Paris fs: move get_empty_filp() deffinition to internal.h
2009-09-24 Vegard Nossum fs: fix overflow in sys_mount() for in-kernel calls
2009-06-12 Al Viro Trim a bit of crap from fs.h
2009-06-12 Jan Kara vfs: Make sys_sync() use fsync_super() (version 4)
2009-06-12 Jan Kara vfs: Fix sys_sync() and fsync_super() reliability ...
2009-06-12 npiggin@suse.de fs: move mark_files_ro into file_table.c
2009-04-01 Al Viro New locking/refcounting for fs_struct
2009-04-01 Al Viro Take fs_struct handling to new file (fs/fs_struct.c)
2009-03-29 Hugh Dickins fix setuid sometimes doesn't
2009-02-06 David Howells CRED: Fix SUID exec regression
2008-11-13 David Howells CRED: Make execve() take advantage of copy-on-write...
2008-04-22 Al Viro [PATCH] move a bunch of declarations to fs/internal.h
2007-05-08 Christoph Hellwig cleanup compat ioctl handling
2006-09-30 Andrew Morton [PATCH] CONFIG_BLOCK internal.h cleanups
2006-09-30 David Howells [PATCH] BLOCK: Make it possible to disable the block...
2006-09-30 David Howells [PATCH] BLOCK: Remove dependence on existence of blockd...
2006-09-30 David Howells [PATCH] BLOCK: Move extern declarations out of fs/...