Merge branch 'vfs-scale-working' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / gfs2 / ops_inode.c
2011-01-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'vfs-scale-working' of git://git./linux...
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: provide rcu-walk aware permission i_ops
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: dcache reduce branches in lookup path
2010-11-30 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Clean up duplicated setattr code
2010-11-30 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Remove unreachable calls to vmtruncate
2010-10-26 Al Viro new helper: ihold()
2010-10-26 Christoph Hellwig fs: kill block_prepare_write
2010-09-30 Bob Peterson GFS2 fatal: filesystem consistency error on rename
2010-09-28 Benjamin Marzinski GFS2: reserve more blocks for transactions
2010-09-20 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Make . and .. qstrs constant
2010-09-20 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Fix whitespace in previous patch
2010-09-20 Benjamin Marzinski GFS2: fallocate support
2010-09-20 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Remove i_disksize
2010-09-20 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: New truncate sequence
2010-08-09 Christoph Hellwig check ATTR_SIZE contraints in inode_change_ok
2010-08-09 Christoph Hellwig remove inode_setattr
2010-05-28 kill spurious reference to vmtruncate
2010-03-03 Al Viro Switch gfs2 to nd_set_link()
2010-01-12 OGAWA Hirofumi GFS2: Fix refcnt leak on gfs2_follow_link() error path
2010-01-08 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Fix locking bug in rename
2009-09-24 Alexey Dobriyan headers: utsname.h redux
2009-08-26 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Rename eattr.[ch] as xattr.[ch]
2009-08-26 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Clean up of extended attribute support
2009-08-24 Roel Kluin GFS2: jumping to wrong label?
2009-05-22 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Move gfs2_unlink_ok into ops_inode.c
2009-05-22 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Move gfs2_readlinki into ops_inode.c
2009-05-22 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Move gfs2_rmdiri into ops_inode.c
2009-04-15 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Fix symlink creation race
2009-03-24 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Merge lock_dlm module into GFS2
2009-01-05 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Banish struct gfs2_dinode_host
2009-01-05 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Move i_size from gfs2_dinode_host and rename...
2009-01-05 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Move "entries" into "proper" inode
2009-01-05 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Rationalise header files
2009-01-05 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Support for FIEMAP ioctl
2008-10-23 Al Viro [PATCH] make O_EXCL in nd->intent.flags visible in...
2008-08-27 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Fix & clean up GFS2 rename
2008-08-13 Bob Peterson GFS2: rm on multiple nodes causes panic
2008-07-27 Al Viro [PATCH] don't pass nameidata to gfs2_lookupi()
2008-07-27 Al Viro [PATCH] sanitize ->permission() prototype
2008-07-03 Miklos Szeredi [GFS2] don't call permission()
2008-03-31 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Streamline quota lock/check for no-quota case
2008-03-31 Cyrill Gorcunov [GFS2] possible null pointer dereference fixup
2008-03-31 Denis Cheng [GFS2] remove gfs2_dev_iops
2008-03-31 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix a page lock / glock deadlock
2008-03-31 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Eliminate (almost) duplicate field from gfs2_inode
2008-02-07 David Howells Convert ERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(p)) instances to ERR_CAST(p)
2008-01-25 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Reduce inode size by moving i_alloc out of line
2008-01-25 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix problems relating to execution of files...
2007-10-10 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Clean up journaled data writing
2007-10-10 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Correct lock ordering in unlink
2007-10-10 Steve French [GFS2] GFS2 not checking pointer on create when running...
2007-07-09 Wendy Cheng [GFS2] inode size inconsistency
2007-07-09 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix typo in rename of directories
2007-07-09 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Add nanosecond timestamp feature
2007-07-09 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix sign problem in quota/statfs and cleanup...
2007-07-09 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Clean up inode number handling
2007-02-14 Tim Schmielau [PATCH] remove many unneeded #includes of sched.h
2007-02-12 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] mark struct inode_operations const 2
2007-02-05 Russell Cattelan [GFS2] Fix unlink deadlocks
2007-02-05 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix recursive locking attempt with NFS
2007-02-05 Eric Sandeen [GFS2] use CURRENT_TIME_SEC instead of get_seconds...
2007-02-05 S. Wendy Cheng [GFS2] Fix gfs2_rename deadlock
2007-02-05 S. Wendy Cheng [GFS2] Fix change nlink deadlock
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Remove gfs2_check_acl()
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix recursive locking in gfs2_getattr
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix recursive locking in gfs2_permission
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (8) - i_vn
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (7) - di_payload_format
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (6) - di_atime/di_mtime/di_ctime
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (5) - di_nlink
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (4) - di_uid/di_gid
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (3) - di_mode
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (2) - di_major/di_minor
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Change argument to gfs2_dinode_print
2006-11-30 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Change argument of gfs2_dinode_out
2006-10-04 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix endian bug for de_type
2006-10-02 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Two redundant casts removed
2006-09-25 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2/DLM] Fix trailing whitespace
2006-09-19 Fabio Massimo Di... [GFS2] Export lm_interface to kernel headers
2006-09-04 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] More code style updates
2006-09-04 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Change all types to uX style
2006-09-04 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Align all labels against LH side
2006-09-01 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Update copyright, tidy up incore.h
2006-07-26 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Remove page.[ch]
2006-07-06 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fixes to scanning of glocks (again)
2006-06-24 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Eliminate one instance of __GFP_NOFAIL
2006-06-22 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Remove gfs2_repermission
2006-06-21 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix double locking problem in rename
2006-06-19 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Remove debugging printks
2006-06-14 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix unlinked file handling
2006-05-18 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Update copyright date to 2006
2006-05-18 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Remove semaphore.h from C files
2006-05-18 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Drop log lock on I/O error & tidy up
2006-04-18 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Use vmalloc() in dir code
2006-03-28 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Further updates to dir and logging code
2006-03-20 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix bug in directory code and tidy up
2006-02-27 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Macros removal in gfs2.h
2006-02-23 David Teigland [GFS2] Patch to remove stats gathering from GFS2
2006-02-13 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix for root inode ref count bug
2006-01-24 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Remove pointless argument relating to truncate