NFS: Add helper functions for allocating filehandles and fattr structs
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / fat /
2010-04-05 Tejun Heo Merge branch 'master' into export-slabh
2010-03-31 Nikolaus Schulz fat: fix buffer overflow in vfat_create_shortname()
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-13 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/hirofumi/fatfs-2.6
2010-03-05 Christoph Hellwig pass writeback_control to ->write_inode
2010-02-10 Kevin Dankwardt fat: Fix stat->f_namelen
2010-01-11 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix vfat_lookup()
2009-12-16 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/hirofumi/fatfs-2.6
2009-12-16 Zhaolei fatfs: use common time_to_tm in fat_time_unix2fat()
2009-11-21 Christoph Hellwig fat: make discard a mount option
2009-09-30 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/hirofumi/fatfs-2.6
2009-09-24 Thomas Gleixner fs: Make unload_nls() NULL pointer safe
2009-09-19 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Check s_dirt in fat_sync_fs()
2009-09-14 Jan Kara fat: Opencode sync_page_range_nolock()
2009-08-01 Paul Wise vfat: change the default from shortname=lower to shortn...
2009-08-01 OGAWA Hirofumi fat/nls: Fix handling of utf8 invalid char
2009-07-12 Alexey Dobriyan headers: smp_lock.h redux
2009-07-10 Jens Axboe Fix congestion_wait() sync/async vs read/write confusion
2009-06-20 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix the removal of opts->fs_dmask
2009-06-16 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2009-06-16 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/hirofumi/fatfs-2.6
2009-06-16 Alan Stern NLS: update handling of Unicode
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig fat: add ->sync_fs
2009-06-12 Al Viro Sanitize ->fsync() for FAT
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig ->write_super lock_super pushdown
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig push BKL down into ->put_super
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig remove ->write_super call in generic_shutdown_super
2009-06-08 Christoph Hellwig fat: split fat_generic_ioctl
2009-06-03 Denis Karpov FAT: add 'errors' mount option
2009-04-17 Alan Cox vfat: Note the NLS requirement
2009-04-03 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-04-03 Coly Li fs/fat: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
2009-04-01 Al Viro New helper - current_umask()
2009-03-27 Al Viro constify dentry_operations: FAT
2009-03-11 OGAWA Hirofumi Fix _fat_bmap() locking
2009-01-22 Alexey Dobriyan fs/Kconfig: move fat out
2008-12-31 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/hirofumi/fatfs-2.6
2008-11-14 James Morris Merge branch 'master' into next
2008-11-13 David Howells CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the FAT filesystem
2008-11-11 Christoph Hellwig fat: make sure to set d_ops in fat_get_parent
2008-11-11 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: fix duplicate addition of ->llseek handler
2008-11-11 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: drop negative dentry on rename() path
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: i_blocks warning fix
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: ->i_pos race fix
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: mmu_private race fix
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Add printf attribute to fat_fs_panic()
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix _fat_bmap() race
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix ATTR_RO for directory
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix ATTR_RO in the case of (~umask & S_WUGO) == 0
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Cleanup FAT attribute stuff
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Cleanup msdos_lookup()
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Kill d_invalidate() in vfat_lookup()
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix/Cleanup dcache handling for vfat
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi vfat: Fix vfat_find() error path in vfat_lookup()
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: use fat_detach() in fat_clear_inode()
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix fat_ent_update_ptr() for FAT12
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: improve fat_hash()
2008-11-06 Darren Jenkins fat: cleanup fat_parse_long() error handling
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: use generic_file_llseek() for directory
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix and cleanup timestamp conversion
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: split include/msdos_fs.h
2008-11-06 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: move fs/vfat/* and fs/msdos/* to fs/fat
2008-10-30 Nick Piggin fs: remove prepare_write/commit_write
2008-10-23 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] fix ->llseek for more directories
2008-10-23 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] switch all filesystems over to d_obtain_alias
2008-10-13 Steven Whitehouse vfs: Use const for kernel parser table
2008-10-09 David Woodhouse Let the block device know when sectors can be discarded
2008-08-20 Linus Torvalds vfat: fix 'sync' mount deadlock due to BKL->lock_super...
2008-08-02 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Fix allow_utime option
2008-07-27 Miklos Szeredi [patch 3/4] fat: dont call notify_change
2008-07-26 Alexey Dobriyan SL*B: drop kmem cache argument from constructor
2008-07-25 Joe Peterson fatfs: add UTC timestamp option
2008-07-25 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: small optimization to __fat_readdir()
2008-07-25 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: use same logic in fat_search_long() and __fat_read...
2008-07-25 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: cleanup fs/fat/dir.c
2008-07-25 Adrian Bunk fat/dir.c: switch to struct __fat_dirent
2008-07-25 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: fix parse_options()
2008-07-14 Jonathan Corbet Merge commit 'v2.6.26' into bkl-removal
2008-07-02 Jonathan Corbet Make FAT users happier by not deadlocking
2008-06-20 Linus Torvalds Replace BKL with superblock lock in fat/msdos/vfat
2008-06-13 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: relax the permission check of fat_setattr()
2008-04-30 Harvey Harrison fs: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison fat: use get/put_unaligned_* helpers
2008-04-28 Olof Johansson fatfs: fix build warning with 64k PAGE_SIZE
2008-04-28 Andrew Morton FAT_VALID_MEDIA(): remove pointless test
2008-04-28 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: use __getname()
2008-04-28 Keith Mok vfat: bug fix for vfat cannot handle filename with 255
2008-04-28 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Remove fat_clusters_flush()
2008-04-28 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Update free_clusters even if it is untrusted
2008-04-28 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: Add allow_utime option
2008-04-28 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: fat_setattr() fix
2008-04-28 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: fat_notify_change() and check_mode() cleanup
2008-04-28 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: kill is_bad_inode() check
2008-04-19 Dave Hansen [PATCH] r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for ioctls()
2008-02-08 Miklos Szeredi mount options: fix fat
2008-02-07 David Howells iget: stop FAT from using iget() and read_inode()
2008-02-07 David Howells Convert ERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(p)) instances to ERR_CAST(p)
2008-02-06 Vegard Nossum FAT: Fix printk format strings
2008-02-06 Jan Engelhardt fs/fat/: refine chmod checks
2008-01-09 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: optimize fat_count_free_clusters()