dlm: use alloc_workqueue function
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / dlm / member.c
2010-02-04 Adam Buchbinder Fix misspellings of "truly" in comments.
2009-11-30 David Teigland dlm: always use GFP_NOFS
2009-05-15 David Teigland dlm: use more NOFS allocation
2009-05-15 Christine Caulfield dlm: connect to nodes earlier
2008-04-21 David Teigland dlm: recover nodes that are removed and re-added
2008-01-30 David Teigland dlm: reject messages from non-members
2007-10-10 David Teigland [DLM] block dlm_recv in recovery transition
2007-08-14 Jesper Juhl [DLM] Fix memory leak in dlm_add_member() when dlm_node...
2007-07-09 David Teigland [DLM] wait for config check during join [6/6]
2007-07-09 David Teigland [DLM] add lock timeouts and warnings [2/6]
2006-11-30 David Teigland [DLM] fix aborted recovery during node removal
2006-08-09 David Teigland [DLM] show nodeid for recovery message
2006-08-09 David Teigland [DLM] abort recovery more quickly
2006-04-28 David Teigland [DLM] PATCH 2/3 dlm: lowcomms close
2006-01-20 David Teigland [DLM] Update DLM to the latest patch level
2006-01-18 David Teigland [DLM] The core of the DLM for GFS2/CLVM