fs/ceph/xattr.c: Use kmemdup
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / ceph / xattr.c
2010-10-20 Julia Lawall fs/ceph/xattr.c: Use kmemdup
2010-10-20 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: factor out libceph from Ceph file system
2010-08-22 Sage Weil ceph: include dirty xattrs state in snapped caps
2010-08-02 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: code cleanup
2010-05-17 Sage Weil ceph: use ceph. prefix for virtual xattrs
2010-05-17 Henry C Chang ceph: listxattr should compare version by >=
2010-05-17 Cheng Renquan ceph: use ceph_sb_to_client instead of ceph_client
2010-05-17 Dan Carpenter ceph: cleanup: remove dead code
2010-05-17 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: use __page_cache_alloc and add_to_page_cache_lru
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2009-12-07 Sage Weil ceph: simplify ceph_buffer interface
2009-11-21 Julia Lawall fs/ceph: introduce missing kfree
2009-11-02 Sage Weil ceph: fix uninitialized err variable
2009-10-07 Sage Weil ceph: include preferred_osd in file layout virtual...
2009-10-06 Sage Weil ceph: inode operations