headers: kobject.h redux
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / btrfs /
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin btrfs: provide simple rcu-walk ACL implementation
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: provide rcu-walk aware permission i_ops
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: dcache reduce branches in lookup path
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: icache RCU free inodes
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: change d_delete semantics
2010-12-20 Al Viro Fix btrfs b0rkage
2010-12-14 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/mason/btrfs-unstable
2010-12-14 Chris Mason Btrfs: prevent RAID level downgrades when space is low
2010-12-14 Chris Mason Btrfs: account for missing devices in RAID allocation...
2010-12-13 Chris Mason Btrfs: EIO when we fail to read tree roots
2010-12-10 Jan Beulich Btrfs: fix compiler warnings
2010-12-10 Li Zefan Btrfs: Make async snapshot ioctl more generic
2010-12-10 Xin Zhong Btrfs: pwrite blocked when writing from the mmaped...
2010-12-10 Li Zefan Btrfs: Fix a crash when mounting a subvolume
2010-12-10 Sage Weil Btrfs: fix sync subvol/snapshot creation
2010-12-10 Yan, Zheng Btrfs: Fix page leak in compressed writeback path
2010-12-10 Josef Bacik Btrfs: do not BUG if we fail to remove the orphan item...
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fixup return code for btrfs_del_orphan_item
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: do not do fast caching if we are allocating...
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: deal with space cache errors better
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix use after free in O_DIRECT
2010-11-29 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/mason/btrfs-unstable
2010-11-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: don't use migrate page without CONFIG_MIGRATION
2010-11-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: deal with DIO bios that span more than one order...
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: setup blank root and fs_info for mount time
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix fiemap
2010-11-27 Ian Kent Btrfs - fix race between btrfs_get_sb() and umount
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: update inode ctime when using links
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: make sure new inode size is ok in fallocate
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix typo in fallocate to make it honor actual...
2010-11-22 Chris Mason Btrfs: avoid NULL pointer deref in try_release_extent_b...
2010-11-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: make btrfs_add_nondir take parent inode as an...
2010-11-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: hold i_mutex when calling btrfs_log_dentry_safe
2010-11-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: use dget_parent where we can UPDATED
2010-11-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix more ESTALE problems with NFS
2010-11-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: handle NFS lookups properly
2010-11-22 Mariusz Kozlowski btrfs: make 1-bit signed fileds unsigned
2010-11-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Show device attr correctly for symlinks
2010-11-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Set file size correctly in file clone
2010-11-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Check if dest_offset is block-size aligned befor...
2010-11-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: handle the space_cache option properly
2010-11-22 Arne Jansen btrfs: Fix early enospc because 'unused' calculated...
2010-11-22 Miao Xie btrfs: fix panic caused by direct IO
2010-11-22 Miao Xie btrfs: cleanup duplicate bio allocating functions
2010-11-22 Miao Xie btrfs: fix free dip and dip->csums twice
2010-11-22 Chris Mason Btrfs: add migrate page for metadata inode
2010-10-30 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-10-30 Chris Mason Btrfs: deal with errors from updating the tree log
2010-10-30 Sage Weil Btrfs: allow subvol deletion by unprivileged user with...
2010-10-30 Sage Weil Btrfs: make SNAP_DESTROY async
2010-10-30 Sage Weil Btrfs: add SNAP_CREATE_ASYNC ioctl
2010-10-29 Sage Weil Btrfs: add START_SYNC, WAIT_SYNC ioctls
2010-10-29 Sage Weil Btrfs: async transaction commit
2010-10-29 Sage Weil Btrfs: fix deadlock in btrfs_commit_transaction
2010-10-29 Sage Weil Btrfs: fix lockdep warning on clone ioctl
2010-10-29 Sage Weil Btrfs: fix clone ioctl where range is adjacent to extent
2010-10-29 Sage Weil Btrfs: fix delalloc checks in clone ioctl
2010-10-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: drop unused variable in block_alloc_rsv
2010-10-29 Andi Kleen Btrfs: cleanup warnings from gcc 4.6 (nonbugs)
2010-10-29 Andi Kleen Btrfs: Fix variables set but not read (bugs found by...
2010-10-29 Julia Lawall Btrfs: Use ERR_CAST helpers
2010-10-29 Julia Lawall Btrfs: use memdup_user helpers
2010-10-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: fix raid code for removing missing drives
2010-10-29 Miao Xie Btrfs: Switch the extent buffer rbtree into a radix...
2010-10-29 Miao Xie Btrfs: restructure try_release_extent_buffer()
2010-10-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: use the flusher threads for delalloc throttling
2010-10-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: tune the chunk allocation to 5% of the FS as...
2010-10-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: don't loop forever on bad btree blocks
2010-10-29 Chris Mason Merge branch 'bug-fixes' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-10-29 Josef Bacik Btrfs: let the user know space caching is enabled
2010-10-29 Josef Bacik Btrfs: Add a clear_cache mount option
2010-10-29 Josef Bacik Btrfs: add support for mixed data+metadata block groups
2010-10-29 Josef Bacik Btrfs: check cache->caching_ctl before returning if...
2010-10-29 Josef Bacik Btrfs: load free space cache if it exists
2010-10-29 Josef Bacik Btrfs: write out free space cache
2010-10-29 Al Viro convert btrfs
2010-10-28 Josef Bacik Btrfs: create special free space cache inode
2010-10-26 Josef Bacik Btrfs: remove warn_on from use_block_rsv
2010-10-26 Josef Bacik Btrfs: set trans to null in reserve_metadata_bytes...
2010-10-26 Al Viro new helper: ihold()
2010-10-26 Al Viro new helper: inode_unhashed()
2010-10-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-2.6.37/barrier' of git://git.kernel...
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix error handling in btrfs_get_sb
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: rework how we reserve metadata bytes
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: don't allocate chunks as aggressively
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: re-work delalloc flushing
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix reservation code for mixed block groups
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix df regression
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix the df ioctl to report raid types
2010-10-22 Josef Bacik Btrfs: stop trying to shrink delalloc if there are...
2010-10-15 Arnd Bergmann llseek: automatically add .llseek fop
2010-09-16 Christoph Hellwig block: remove BLKDEV_IFL_WAIT
2010-09-10 Christoph Hellwig btrfs: replace barriers with explicit flush / FUA usage
2010-08-10 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-2.6.36' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux...
2010-08-09 Artem Bityutskiy btrfs: remove junk sb_dirt change
2010-08-09 Al Viro Make ->drop_inode() just return whether inode needs...
2010-08-09 Al Viro convert btrfs to ->evict_inode()
2010-08-09 Al Viro simplify checks for I_CLEAR/I_FREEING
2010-08-09 Christoph Hellwig remove inode_setattr
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwig block: unify flags for struct bio and struct request