fix apparmor dereferencing potentially freed dentry, sanitize __d_path() API
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers /
2011-12-21 Thomas Gleixner ptp: Fix clock_getres() implementation
2011-12-21 Jonghwan Choi drivers/rtc/rtc-s3c.c: fix driver clock enable/disable...
2011-12-09 Frank Blaschka qeth: l3 fix rcu splat in xmit
2011-12-09 Robert Richter oprofile: Fix crash when unloading module (hr timer...
2011-12-09 Arve Hjønnevåg rtc: Fix some bugs that allowed accumulating time drift...
2011-12-09 Rabin Vincent rtc: Disable the alarm in the hardware
2011-12-09 Johannes Berg iwlagn: fix HW crypto for TX-only keys
2011-12-09 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: do not re-configure HT40 after associated
2011-12-09 Andiry Xu xHCI: fix bug in xhci_clear_command_ring()
2011-12-09 Matthieu CASTET EHCI : Fix a regression in the ISO scheduler
2011-12-09 Thomas Poussevin USB: EHCI: fix HUB TT scheduling issue with iso transfer
2011-12-09 Eric Dumazet IB: Fix RCU lockdep splats
2011-12-09 Qinglin Ye USB: usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Kingston DT...
2011-12-09 Veli-Pekka Peltola usb: option: add SIMCom SIM5218
2011-12-09 Dirk Nehring usb: option: add Huawei E353 controlling interfaces
2011-12-09 Marcin Kościelnicki usb: ftdi_sio: add PID for Propox ISPcable III
2011-12-09 Benjamin Tissoires HID: Correct General touch PID
2011-12-09 Dan Carpenter USB: whci-hcd: fix endian conversion in qset_clear()
2011-12-09 Kevin Hilman usb: musb: PM: fix context save/restore in suspend...
2011-12-09 Federico Vaga Staging: comedi: fix signal handling in read and write
2011-12-09 Federico Vaga Staging: comedi: fix mmap_count
2011-12-09 Bernd Porr staging: comedi: fix oops for USB DAQ devices.
2011-12-09 Bart Westgeest staging: usbip: bugfix for deadlock
2011-12-09 wwang staging:rts_pstor:Complete scanning_done variable
2011-12-09 Lars-Peter Clausen firmware: Sigma: Fix endianess issues
2011-12-09 Lars-Peter Clausen firmware: Sigma: Skip header during CRC generation
2011-12-09 Lars-Peter Clausen firmware: Sigma: Prevent out of bounds memory access
2011-12-09 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: add some loop timeouts in pageflip...
2011-12-09 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: allow pci_enable_msi fail
2011-12-09 Hannes Reinecke SCSI: Silencing 'killing requests for dead queue'
2011-12-09 Gertjan van Wingerde rt2x00: Fix efuse EEPROM reading on PPC32.
2011-12-09 Michael Büsch p54spi: Fix workqueue deadlock
2011-12-09 Michael Büsch p54spi: Add missing spin_lock_init
2011-12-09 Tero Kristo regulator: twl: fix twl4030 support for smps regulators
2011-12-09 Axel Lin regulator: aat2870: Fix the logic of checking if no...
2011-12-09 Stanislaw Gruszka rtlwifi: fix lps_lock deadlock
2011-12-09 Daniel Drake viafb: correct sync polarity for OLPC DCON
2011-12-09 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: fix up gpio i2c mask bits for r4xx
2011-12-09 Bjorn Helgaas PCI hotplug: shpchp: don't blindly claim non-AMD 0x7450...
2011-12-09 Takashi Iwai drm/i915: Fix inconsistent backlight level during disabled
2011-12-09 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Turn on another required clock gating bit...
2011-12-09 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Turn on a required 3D clock gating bit on...
2011-12-09 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: Ivybridge still has fences!
2011-12-09 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: fix up gpio i2c mask bits for r4xx...
2011-12-09 Xi Wang drm: integer overflow in drm_mode_dirtyfb_ioctl()
2011-12-09 Phil Sutter crypto: mv_cesa - fix hashing of chunks > 1920 bytes
2011-12-09 Jeffrey (Sheng-Hui... i2c-algo-bit: Generate correct i2c address sequence...
2011-11-28 Greg Kroah-Hartman Revert "USB: EHCI: fix HUB TT scheduling issue with...
2011-11-26 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: always set FDI composite sync bit
2011-11-26 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: fix IVB cursor support
2011-11-26 sordna USB: quirks: adding more quirky webcams to avoid squeak...
2011-11-26 Josh Boyer USB: add quirk for Logitech C600 web cam
2011-11-26 Thomas Poussevin USB: EHCI: fix HUB TT scheduling issue with iso transfer
2011-11-26 Alan Stern usb-storage: Accept 8020i-protocol commands longer...
2011-11-26 Andrew Worsley USB: Fix Corruption issue in USB ftdi driver ftdi_sio.c
2011-11-26 Bart Hartgers USB: ark3116 initialisation fix
2011-11-26 Alan Stern USB: workaround for bug in old version of GCC
2011-11-26 Havard Skinnemoen USB: cdc-acm: Fix disconnect() vs close() race
2011-11-26 Tomoya MORINAGA USB: pch_udc: Support new device LAPIS Semiconductor...
2011-11-26 wangyanqing USB: serial: pl2303: rm duplicate id
2011-11-26 Ferenc Wagner USB: option: add PID of Huawei E173s 3G modem
2011-11-26 zheng.zhijian@zte... USB: option: release new PID for ZTE 3G modem
2011-11-26 Alan Stern USB: XHCI: resume root hubs when the controller resumes
2011-11-26 Don Zickus usb, xhci: fix lockdep warning on endpoint timeout
2011-11-26 Don Zickus usb, xhci: Clear warm reset change event during init
2011-11-26 Sarah Sharp xhci: Set slot and ep0 flags for address command.
2011-11-26 Claudio Scordino drivers/base/node.c: fix compilation error with older...
2011-11-26 Axel Lin pcie-gadget-spear: Add "platform:" prefix for platform...
2011-11-26 Jiri Slaby TTY: ldisc, wait for ldisc infinitely in hangup
2011-11-26 Jiri Slaby TTY: ldisc, move wait idle to caller
2011-11-26 Jiri Slaby TTY: ldisc, allow waiting for ldisc arbitrarily long
2011-11-26 Stephen Boyd tty: hvc_dcc: Fix duplicate character inputs
2011-11-26 Tomoya MORINAGA pch_uart: Support new device LAPIS Semiconductor ML7831 IOH
2011-11-26 Tomoya MORINAGA pch_uart: Fix DMA resource leak issue
2011-11-26 Tomoya MORINAGA pch_uart: Fix hw-flow control issue
2011-11-26 Tomoya MORINAGA pch_phub: Fix MAC address writing issue for LAPIS ML7831
2011-11-26 Tomoya MORINAGA pch_phub: Support new device LAPIS Semiconductor ML7831 IOH
2011-11-26 Peter Chen PM / driver core: disable device's runtime PM during...
2011-11-26 Gertjan van Wingerde rt2x00: Fix sleep-while-atomic bug in powersaving code.
2011-11-26 Jesper Juhl Net, libertas: Resolve memory leak in if_spi_host_to_card()
2011-11-26 Tony Jago saa7164: Add support for another HVR2200 hardware revision
2011-11-26 Vasily Averin aacraid: controller hangs if kernel uses non-default...
2011-11-26 Matthew Garrett hpsa: Disable ASPM
2011-11-26 James Bottomley fix WARNING: at drivers/scsi/scsi_lib.c:1704
2011-11-21 Dan Carpenter xen-gntalloc: signedness bug in add_grefs()
2011-11-21 Dan Carpenter xen-gntalloc: integer overflow in gntalloc_ioctl_alloc()
2011-11-21 Thomas Weber mfd: Fix twl4030 dependencies for audio codec
2011-11-21 Rafał Miłecki b43: refuse to load unsupported firmware
2011-11-21 Arend van Spriel staging: brcm80211: fill in proper rx rate in mac80211...
2011-11-21 Johan Hovold Revert "leds: save the delay values after a successful...
2011-11-21 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: make an aux failure debug only
2011-11-21 Marcin Slusarz drm/nouveau: initialize chan->fence.lock before use
2011-11-21 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Fix object refcount leak on mmappable size...
2011-11-21 Michael S. Tsirkin virtio-pci: fix use after free
2011-11-11 Linus Torvalds hid/apple: modern macbook airs use the standard apple...
2011-11-11 Jiri Kosina HID: consolidate MacbookAir 4,1 mappings
2011-11-11 Andreas Krist HID: hid-apple: add device ID of another wireless aluminium
2011-11-11 Gökçen Eraslan HID: Add device IDs for Macbook Pro 8 keyboards
2011-11-11 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu HID: Add support MacbookAir 4,1 keyboard
2011-11-11 Jiri Kosina HID: add MacBookAir4,2 to hid_have_special_driver[]