it8213: fix return value in it8213_init_one()
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / watchdog /
2008-06-24 Wim Van Sebroeck Revert "[WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Add CFLAGS to get driver...
2008-06-20 Linus Torvalds [watchdog] hpwdt: fix use of inline assembly
2008-06-18 Wim Van Sebroeck Revert "[WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Fix NMI handling."
2008-06-17 Thomas Mingarelli [WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Add CFLAGS to get driver working
2008-06-17 Thomas Mingarelli Revert "[WATCHDOG] make watchdog/hpwdt.c:asminline_call...
2008-05-30 Ingo Molnar drivers/watchdog/geodewdt.c: build fix
2008-05-25 Gabriel C [WATCHDOG] Add ICH9DO into the iTCO_wdt.c driver
2008-05-25 Chen Gong [WATCHDOG] Fix booke_wdt.c on MPC85xx SMP system's
2008-05-25 Jordan Crouse [WATCHDOG] Add a watchdog driver based on the CS5535...
2008-05-25 Mingarelli, Thomas [WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Fix NMI handling.
2008-05-25 Mike Frysinger [WATCHDOG] Blackfin Watchdog Driver: split platform...
2008-05-25 Samuel Tardieu [WATCHDOG] Add w83697h_wdt early_disable option
2008-05-25 Samuel Tardieu [WATCHDOG] Make w83697h_wdt timeout option string simil...
2008-05-25 Samuel Tardieu [WATCHDOG] Make w83697h_wdt void-like functions void
2008-04-19 Matthew Wilcox Convert asm/semaphore.h users to linux/semaphore.h
2008-04-11 Kay Sievers watchdog: fix platform driver hotplug/coldplug
2008-04-06 Andrew Paprocki [WATCHDOG] it8712f_wdt Zero MSB timeout byte when disab...
2008-04-01 Oliver Schuster [WATCHDOG] Fix it8712f_wdt.c wrong byte order accessing...
2008-03-06 Adrian Bunk [WATCHDOG] make watchdog/hpwdt.c:asminline_call() static
2008-03-06 Florian Fainelli [WATCHDOG] Remove volatiles from watchdog device structures
2008-03-06 Harvey Harrison [WATCHDOG] replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-03-06 Roland Dreier [WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Use dmi_walk() instead of own copy
2008-03-06 Roland Dreier [WATCHDOG] Fix return value warning in hpwdt
2008-03-06 Roland Dreier [WATCHDOG] Fix declaration of struct smbios_entry_point...
2008-03-06 Andrew Paprocki [WATCHDOG] it8712f_wdt support for 16-bit timeout value...
2008-02-18 Thomas Mingarelli [WATCHDOG] HP ProLiant WatchDog driver
2008-02-18 Mike Frysinger [WATCHDOG] blackfin Watchdog driver: relocate all strin...
2008-02-18 Florian Fainelli [WATCHDOG] Convert mtx1 wdt to be a platform device...
2008-02-18 Andrew Sharp [WATCHDOG] Add support for SB1 hardware watchdog
2008-02-03 Joe Perches drivers/watchdog/: Spelling fixes
2008-01-29 Thomas Bogendoerfer [WATCHDOG] use SGI_HAS_INDYDOG for INDYDOG depends
2008-01-25 Jan Engelhardt [WATCHDOG] constify function pointer tables
2008-01-25 Atsushi Nemoto [WATCHDOG] TXx9 watchdog driver
2008-01-25 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] misc_register patch
2008-01-25 Alan Cox [WATCHDOG] wdt: fix locking
2008-01-25 Haavard Skinnemoen [AVR32] Add support for AT32AP7001 and AT32AP7002
2008-01-18 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] Revert "Stop looking for device as soon...
2007-12-04 Gilles Gigan [WATCHDOG] add Nano 7240 driver
2007-11-19 Jorge Boncompte... [WATCHDOG] IT8212F watchdog driver
2007-11-19 Jiri Slaby [WATCHDOG] bfin_wdt, remove SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED
2007-11-19 Samuel Tardieu [WATCHDOG] Stop looking for device as soon as one is...
2007-11-19 Hans-Christian Egtvedt [WATCHDOG] at32ap700x_wdt: add support for boot status...
2007-11-03 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/wim/linux-2.6-watchdog
2007-11-02 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] iTCO_wdt.c ICH8 pci-device-id's
2007-11-02 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] iTCO_wdt.c init & exit fixes
2007-11-02 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] iTCO_wdt.c pci_device_id table clean-up
2007-11-02 Alexey Dobriyan [WATCHDOG] spin_lock_init() fixes
2007-10-30 Dirk Hohndel Kbuild/doc: fix links to Documentation files
2007-10-27 Roel Kluin [WATCHDOG] Unlock in iTCO_wdt_start when reboot is...
2007-10-25 Ilpo Jarvinen [WATCHDOG] Add necessary braces to if (...) \n #if...
2007-10-25 Florian Fainelli [WATCHDOG] trivial fix two returns in void functions
2007-10-23 Matteo Croce [WATCHDOG] AR7: watchdog timer
2007-10-23 Veljkovic Srdjan [WATCHDOG] Linux kernel IPC SBC Watchdog Timer driver
2007-10-21 Marian Balakowicz [POWERPC] Update device tree binding for mpc5200 gpt
2007-10-19 Jan Engelhardt Convert files to UTF-8 and some cleanups
2007-10-19 Jiri Slaby remove asm/bitops.h includes
2007-10-18 Wim Van Sebroeck mv watchdog tree under drivers