Merge git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / watchdog / Makefile
2010-03-06 Marc Zyngier [WATCHDOG] support for max63xx watchdog timer chips
2010-03-06 Mika Westerberg [WATCHDOG] ep93xx: implemented watchdog timer driver...
2009-12-17 Ralf Baechle MIPS: eXcite: Remove platform.
2009-12-08 Albrecht DreƟ mpc52xx/wdt: remove obsolete old WDT implementation
2009-09-25 Thierry Reding [WATCHDOG] Add support for the Avionic Design Xanthos...
2009-09-18 Mark Brown [WATCHDOG] Add support for WM831x watchdog
2009-09-18 Wan ZongShun [WATCHDOG] Add watchdog driver for NUC900
2009-09-18 Denis Turischev [WATCHDOG] add SBC-FITPC2 watchdog driver
2009-06-20 matthieu castet [WATCHDOG] add bcm47xx watchdog driver
2009-06-20 dmitry pervushin [WATCHDOG] Freescale STMP: watchdog driver
2009-06-20 Timo Kokkonen [WATCHDOG] twl4030 watchdog driver
2009-06-20 Linus Walleij [WATCHDOG] U300 COH 901 327 watchdog driver
2009-06-20 Daniel Laird [WATCHDOG] Add pnx833x_wdt
2009-06-08 Nicolas Pitre [ARM] Orion/Kirkwood: rename orion5x_wdt to orion_wdt
2009-04-08 Paulius Zaleckas [WATCHDOG] remove ARM26 sections
2009-01-12 Sean MacLennan [WATCHDOG] Pika Warp appliance watchdog timer
2009-01-12 Martyn Welch [WATCHDOG] Basic support for GE Fanuc's FPGA based...
2008-12-31 Mark Brown [WATCHDOG] Add support for the WM8350 watchdog
2008-12-31 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] Add SMSC SCH311x Watchdog Timer.
2008-10-12 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/wim/linux-2.6-watchdog
2008-10-10 Sylver Bruneau [WATCHDOG] Orion: add hardware watchdog support
2008-10-10 Renaud CERRATO [WATCHDOG] Add AT91SAM9X watchdog
2008-10-10 Flemming Frandsen [WATCHDOG] Add driver for winbond w83697ug/uf watchdog...
2008-10-10 Oliver Schuster [WATCHDOG] add watchdog driver IT8716 IT8726 IT8712J/K
2008-09-16 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-08-30 David S. Miller cpwatchdog: Move to drivers/watchdog/cpwd.c
2008-08-29 David S. Miller riowatchdog: Move under drivers/watchdog
2008-08-26 Florian Fainelli [WATCHDOG] Add support for the IDT RC32434 watchdog
2008-08-26 Florian Fainelli [WATCHDOG] Add support for the built-int RDC R-321x...
2008-08-26 Jochen Friedrich [WATHDOG] delete unused driver mpc8xx_wdt.c
2008-08-10 Jean Delvare [WATCHDOG] Fix build with CONFIG_ITCO_VENDOR_SUPPORT=n
2008-08-06 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] more coding style clean-up's
2008-08-06 Anton Vorontsov [WATCHDOG] mpc83xx_wdt: rename to mpc8xxx_wdt
2008-07-24 Adrian Bunk remove the v850 port
2008-06-24 Wim Van Sebroeck Revert "[WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Add CFLAGS to get driver...
2008-06-17 Thomas Mingarelli [WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Add CFLAGS to get driver working
2008-05-25 Jordan Crouse [WATCHDOG] Add a watchdog driver based on the CS5535...
2008-02-18 Thomas Mingarelli [WATCHDOG] HP ProLiant WatchDog driver
2008-02-18 Andrew Sharp [WATCHDOG] Add support for SB1 hardware watchdog
2008-01-25 Atsushi Nemoto [WATCHDOG] TXx9 watchdog driver
2007-12-04 Gilles Gigan [WATCHDOG] add Nano 7240 driver
2007-11-19 Jorge Boncompte... [WATCHDOG] IT8212F watchdog driver
2007-10-23 Matteo Croce [WATCHDOG] AR7: watchdog timer
2007-10-18 Wim Van Sebroeck mv watchdog tree under drivers