tracing: add support for userspace stacktraces in tracing/iter_ctrl
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / virtio /
2008-08-25 Anthony Liguori virtio_balloon: fix towards_target when deflating balloon
2008-07-25 Rusty Russell virtio: Add transport feature handling stub for virtio_...
2008-07-25 Rusty Russell virtio: Rename set_features to finalize_features
2008-07-25 Rusty Russell virtio: Formally reserve bits 28-31 to be 'transport...
2008-07-25 Mark McLoughlin virtio: Use bus_type probe and remove methods
2008-07-25 Rusty Russell virtio: don't always force a notification when ring...
2008-06-15 Mark McLoughlin virtio: Complete feature negotation before updating...
2008-05-30 Rusty Russell virtio: force callback on empty.
2008-05-30 Christian Borntraeger virtio_net: another race with virtio_net and enable_cb
2008-05-30 Rusty Russell virtio: set device index in common code.
2008-05-30 Rusty Russell virtio: virtio_pci should not set bus_id.
2008-05-30 Rusty Russell virtio: bus_id for devices should contain 'virtio'
2008-05-02 Rusty Russell virtio: explicit advertisement of driver features
2008-05-02 Rusty Russell virtio: change config to guest endian.
2008-05-02 Harvey Harrison virtio: fix sparse return void-valued expression warnings
2008-05-02 Rusty Russell virtio: ignore corrupted virtqueues rather than spinning.
2008-04-07 Rusty Russell virtio: remove overzealous BUG_ON.
2008-03-30 Al Viro virtio_pci iomem annotations
2008-03-28 Anthony Liguori virtio_pci: unregister virtio device at device remove
2008-03-17 Christian Borntraeger virtio: fix race in enable_cb
2008-03-17 Rusty Russell virtio: handle > 2 billion page balloon targets
2008-03-17 Anthony Liguori virtio: Use spin_lock_irqsave/restore for virtio-pci
2008-02-06 Ingo Molnar virtio: fix trivial build bug
2008-02-06 Johann Felix Soden virtio: add missing #include <linux/delay.h>
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: balloon driver
2008-02-04 Anthony Liguori virtio: Use PCI revision field to indicate virtio PCI...
2008-02-04 Anthony Liguori virtio: PCI device
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: Allow virtio to be modular and used by modules
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: Use the sg_phys convenience function.
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: handle interrupts after callbacks turned off
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: reset function
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: clarify NO_NOTIFY flag usage
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: explicit enable_cb/disable_cb rather than callb...
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: simplify config mechanism.
2007-11-19 Rusty Russell virtio: fix module/device unloading
2007-11-12 Rusty Russell virtio: Force use of power-of-two for descriptor ring...
2007-11-12 Anthony Liguori virtio: Fix used_idx wrap-around
2007-10-23 Rusty Russell Virtio helper routines for a descriptor ringbuffer...
2007-10-23 Rusty Russell Module autoprobing support for virtio drivers.
2007-10-23 Rusty Russell Virtio interface