virtio: balloon: Add freeze, restore handlers to support S4
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / virtio / Kconfig
2011-11-24 Heiko Carstens virtio: add HAS_IOMEM dependency to MMIO platform bus...
2011-11-02 Pawel Moll virtio: Add platform bus driver for memory mapped virti...
2011-07-23 Ohad Ben-Cohen virtio: expose for non-virtualization users too
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: balloon driver
2008-02-04 Anthony Liguori virtio: PCI device
2008-02-04 Rusty Russell virtio: Allow virtio to be modular and used by modules
2007-10-23 Rusty Russell Virtio helper routines for a descriptor ringbuffer...
2007-10-23 Rusty Russell Virtio interface