xhci - correct comp_mode_recovery_timer on return from hibernate
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / usb / host / xhci.c
2013-06-13 Tony Camuso xhci - correct comp_mode_recovery_timer on return from...
2013-03-28 Hannes Reinecke USB: xhci: correctly enable interrupts
2013-01-17 Sarah Sharp xhci: Avoid "dead ports", add roothub port polling.
2013-01-11 Alexis R. Cortes usb: host: xhci: Stricter conditional for Z1 system...
2013-01-11 Sarah Sharp xhci: Fix conditional check in bandwidth calculation.
2012-10-28 Alexis R. Cortes usb: host: xhci: New system added for Compliance Mode...
2012-10-07 Michael Spang Increase XHCI suspend timeout to 16ms
2012-10-07 Elric Fu xHCI: cancel command after command timeout
2012-10-07 Elric Fu xHCI: add aborting command ring function
2012-10-07 Elric Fu xHCI: add cmd_ring_state
2012-10-07 Vivek Gautam usb: host: xhci: Fix Null pointer dereferencing with...
2012-10-02 Dan Carpenter xhci: Fix a logical vs bitwise AND bug
2012-10-02 Alexis R. Cortes usb: host: xhci: Fix Compliance Mode on SN65LVPE502CP...
2012-08-26 Sarah Sharp xhci: Switch PPT ports to EHCI on shutdown.
2012-08-26 Sarah Sharp xhci: Increase reset timeout for Renesas 720201 host.
2012-06-22 Andiry Xu xHCI: Increase the timeout for controller save/restore...
2012-06-01 Andiry Xu xHCI: keep track of ports being resumed and indicate...
2012-04-11 Sarah Sharp xhci: Fix register save/restore order.
2012-04-11 Sarah Sharp xhci: Restore event ring dequeue pointer on resume.
2012-04-11 Sarah Sharp xhci: Warn when hosts don't halt.
2012-03-13 Sebastian Andrzej... usb: host: xhci: add platform driver support
2012-03-13 Andiry Xu xHCI: update sg tablesize
2012-03-13 Andiry Xu xHCI: count free TRBs on transfer ring
2012-03-12 Andiry Xu xHCI: BESL calculation based on USB2.0 LPM errata
2012-03-01 Felipe Balbi usb: core: hcd: make hcd->irq unsigned
2012-02-14 Sarah Sharp USB: Don't fail USB3 probe on missing legacy PCI IRQ.
2012-01-05 Greg Kroah-Hartman Merge branch 'for-usb-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2012-01-04 Felipe Balbi usb: ch9: fix up MaxStreams helper
2012-01-04 Hans de Goede xhci: Properly handle COMP_2ND_BW_ERR
2011-12-23 Sarah Sharp xhci: Be less verbose during URB cancellation.
2011-12-22 Sarah Sharp xhci: Remove warnings about MSI and MSI-X capabilities.
2011-12-01 Andiry Xu xHCI: fix bug in xhci_clear_command_ring()
2011-11-14 Alan Stern USB: XHCI: resume root hubs when the controller resumes
2011-11-04 Sarah Sharp xhci: Set slot and ep0 flags for address command.
2011-09-26 Sebastian Andrzej... usb/xhci: remove CONFIG_PCI in xhci.c's probe function
2011-09-26 Sebastian Andrzej... usb/xhci: move xhci_gen_setup() away from -pci.
2011-09-26 Sebastian Andrzej... usb/xhci: hide MSI code behind PCI bars
2011-09-26 Sebastian Andrzej... usb/xhci: group MSI interrupt registration into its...
2011-09-26 Andiry Xu xHCI: fix debug message
2011-09-26 Andiry Xu xHCI: set USB2 hardware LPM
2011-09-26 Andiry Xu xHCI: test USB2 software LPM
2011-09-20 Sarah Sharp xhci: USB 3.0 BW checking.
2011-09-20 Sebastian Andrzej... usb/xhci: ignore xhci version while checking for the...
2011-09-09 sifram.rajas@gmail.com xhci: Redundant check in xhci_check_args for xhci-...
2011-09-09 Andiry Xu xHCI: refine td allocation
2011-09-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: Implement HS/FS/LS bandwidth checking.
2011-09-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: Track interval bandwidth tables per port/TT.
2011-09-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: Store endpoint bandwidth information.
2011-09-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: Store information about roothubs and TTs.
2011-09-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: Refactor endpoint limit checking.
2011-09-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: If no endpoints changed, don't issue BW command.
2011-08-29 Greg Kroah-Hartman Merge 3.1-rc4 into usb-next
2011-08-23 Kuninori Morimoto USB: use usb_endpoint_maxp() instead of le16_to_cpu()
2011-08-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: Remove TDs from TD lists when URBs are canceled.
2011-08-09 Sarah Sharp xhci: Fix memory leak during failed enqueue.
2011-08-01 Sarah Sharp xhci: Don't submit commands or URBs to halted hosts.
2011-07-26 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'usb-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-06-17 Maarten Lankhorst xhci: Add reset on resume quirk for asrock p67 host
2011-06-17 Alex He xHCI 1.0: Incompatible Device Error
2011-06-15 Sarah Sharp xhci: Reject double add of active endpoints.
2011-06-14 Greg Kroah-Hartman Merge 3.0-rc2 into usb-linus as it's needed by some...
2011-06-03 Sarah Sharp xhci: Disable MSI for some Fresco Logic hosts.
2011-06-02 Maarten Lankhorst xhci: Do not issue device reset when device is not...
2011-06-02 Matt Evans xhci: Remove some unnecessary casts and tidy some endia...
2011-06-02 Matt Evans xhci: Bigendian fix for xhci_check_bandwidth()
2011-05-27 Sarah Sharp Intel xhci: Limit number of active endpoints to 64.
2011-05-25 Sarah Sharp xhci: Don't submit commands when the host is dead.
2011-05-17 Sarah Sharp xhci: Fix memory leak bug when dropping endpoints
2011-05-09 Alex He xHCI 1.0: Max Exit Latency Too Large Error
2011-05-09 Andiry Xu xHCI 1.0: TT_THINK_TIME set
2011-05-02 Sarah Sharp xhci: Remove sparse warning about cmd_status.
2011-05-02 Matt Evans xhci: Add an assertion to check for virt_dev=0 bug.
2011-05-02 Matt Evans xhci: Make xHCI driver endian-safe
2011-04-13 Andiry Xu xHCI: Implement AMD PLL quirk
2011-04-13 Sarah Sharp xhci: Tell USB core both roothubs lost power.
2011-04-13 Dmitry Torokhov USB: xhci - also free streams when resetting devices
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2011-03-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'usb-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Return canceled URBs immediately when host is...
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Fixes for suspend/resume of shared HCDs.
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Fix re-init on power loss after resume.
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Register second xHCI roothub.
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Refactor bus suspend state into a struct.
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Always use usb_hcd in URB instead of converting...
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Remove references to HC_STATE_RUNNING.
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Remove references to HC_STATE_HALT.
2011-03-14 Andiry Xu xHCI: prolong host controller halt time limit
2011-03-14 Andiry Xu xHCI: Remove redundant variable in xhci_resume()
2011-03-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Remove old no-op test.
2011-02-23 Dmitry Torokhov USB: xhci: mark local functions as static
2011-02-20 Dmitry Torokhov USB: xhci: rework xhci_print_ir_set() to get ir set...
2011-01-14 Sarah Sharp xhci: Use GFP_NOIO during device reset.
2011-01-14 Zhang Rui xhci: Do not run xhci_cleanup_msix with irq disabled
2011-01-14 Andiry Xu xHCI: synchronize irq in xhci_suspend()
2010-11-20 Paul Zimmerman xhci: Fix reset-device and configure-endpoint commands
2010-11-15 Sarah Sharp xhci: Fix command ring replay after resume.
2010-11-11 Andiry Xu xHCI: release spinlock when setup interrupt
2010-11-11 Greg Kroah-Hartman Revert "USB: xhci: Use GFP_ATOMIC under spin_lock"
2010-11-11 David Sterba USB: xhci: Use GFP_ATOMIC under spin_lock
2010-10-22 Sarah Sharp usb: Fix linker errors with CONFIG_PM=n