Merge git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / usb / host / ohci.h
2009-11-18 Libin Yang USB: ohci: quirk AMD prefetch for USB 1.1 ISO transfer
2008-10-17 Kumar Gala usb: remove code associated with !CONFIG_PPC_MERGE
2008-08-14 Libin Yang USB: quirk PLL power down mode
2008-08-14 Dmitry Baryshkov USB: Hook start_hnp into ohci struct
2008-08-14 Dmitry Baryshkov USB: ohci: make distrust_firmware a quirk
2008-02-01 Tony Jones USB: convert ohci debug files to use debugfs instead...
2007-10-12 Valentine Barshak USB: add runtime frame_no quirk for big-endian OHCI
2007-10-12 Mike Nuss USB: OHCI handles more ZFMicro quirks
2007-07-12 Michael Hanselmann USB: Fix NEC OHCI chip silicon bug
2007-02-09 Al Viro [PATCH] hci_{read,write}l() does force casts to wrong...
2007-02-07 Benjamin Herrenschmidt USB: Fix OHCI warning
2007-02-07 Benjamin Herrenschmidt USB: Implement support for "split" endian OHCI
2006-12-20 David Brownell USB: ohci whitespace/comment fixups
2006-12-20 Jeff Garzik USB: fix ohci.h over-use warnings
2006-09-28 Alan Stern OHCI: add auto-stop support
2006-09-27 Pete Zaitcev USB: Dealias -110 code (more complete)
2006-09-27 Aleksey Gorelov USB: Properly unregister reboot notifier in case of...
2005-10-28 David Brownell [PATCH] OHCI PM updates
2005-09-12 David Brownell [PATCH] USB: OHCI relies less on NDP register
2005-06-27 Alan Stern [PATCH] ohci-omap, sl811, dummy: remove hub_set_power_b...
2005-06-27 David Brownell [PATCH] USB: add reboot notifier to ohci
2005-04-19 David Brownell [PATCH] USB: OHCI on Compaq Aramada 7400
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2