Fix common misspellings
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / ssb / scan.c
2011-01-10 Michael B├╝sch ssb: Ignore dangling ethernet cores on wireless devices
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtens ssb: Use pci_is_pcie()
2010-09-29 Dominik Brodowski pcmcia: convert pcmcia_request_configuration to pcmcia_...
2010-07-30 Dominik Brodowski pcmcia: remove cs_types.h
2009-11-23 Larry Finger ssb: Unconditionally log results of core scans
2009-11-10 Martin Fuzzey ssb-pcmcia: Fix 32bit register access in early bus...
2009-09-09 Albert Herranz ssb: Implement SDIO host bus support
2008-01-09 Michael Buesch ssb: Fix probing of PCI cores if PCI and PCIE core...
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [SSB]: add Sonics Silicon Backplane bus support