spidev: use DECLARE_BITMAP instead of declaring the array
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / spi
2009-12-17 Thadeu Lima de Sou... spidev: use DECLARE_BITMAP instead of declaring the...
2009-12-13 Grant Likely spi: fix probe/remove section markings
2009-12-13 Cory Maccarrone Add OMAP spi100k driver
2009-12-13 Uwe Kleine-König spi-imx: don't access struct device directly but use...
2009-12-13 Sascha Hauer spi-imx: Add mx25 support
2009-12-13 Uwe Kleine-König spi-imx: use positive logic to distinguish cpu variants
2009-12-13 Uwe Kleine-König spi-imx: correct check for platform_get_irq failing
2009-12-13 Wan ZongShun ARM: NUC900: Add spi driver support for nuc900
2009-12-13 Magnus Damm spi: SuperH MSIOF SPI Master driver V2
2009-12-09 Florian Fainelli spi: fix spidev compilation failure when VERBOSE is...
2009-12-09 Jan Nikitenko spi/au1550_spi: fix setupxfer not to override cfg with...
2009-12-09 Uwe Kleine-König spi/mpc8xxx: don't use __exit_p to wrap plat_mpc8xxx_sp...
2009-12-09 John Ogness spi/i.MX: fix broken error handling for gpio_request
2009-12-09 Daniel Mack spi/i.mx: drain MXC SPI transfer buffer when probing...
2009-12-09 Grant Likely spi/xilinx_spi: fix incorrect casting
2009-12-09 Wolfram Sang spi/mpc52xx-spi: minor cleanups
2009-12-09 Richard Röjfors xilinx_spi: add a platform driver using the xilinx_spi...
2009-12-09 Richard Röjfors xilinx_spi: add support for the DS570 IP.
2009-12-09 Richard Röjfors xilinx_spi: Switch to iomem functions and support littl...
2009-12-09 Richard Röjfors xilinx_spi: Split into of driver and generic part.
2009-12-09 Luotao Fu mpc52xx_spi: add gpio chipselect
2009-12-09 Luotao Fu mpc52xx_spi: add missing mode_bits definition
2009-12-09 Luotao Fu mpc52xx_spi: fix clearing status register
2009-11-04 Wolfram Sang spi/mpc52xx: replace printk with dev_err
2009-11-04 John Linn Xilinx: SPI: Fix bits_per_word for transfers
2009-11-04 Wolfram Sang spi/mpc52xx-psc-spi: check for valid PSC
2009-11-04 Grant Likely powerpc/5200: Add mpc5200-spi (non-PSC) device driver
2009-11-04 Grant Likely spi/mpc5200: Register SPI devices described in device...
2009-10-05 Srinidhi Kasagar ARM: 5741/1: pl022: fix peripheral id for ST vendor
2009-10-01 Uwe Kleine-König spi-imx: strip down chipselect function to only drive...
2009-10-01 Uwe Kleine-König spi-imx: initialize complete config struct
2009-10-01 Uwe Kleine-König spi-imx: no need to assert bits_per_word being initialized
2009-10-01 Sascha Hauer spi-imx: setup mode_bits we can handle
2009-10-01 Sascha Hauer spi-imx: fix initial chipselect settings
2009-10-01 Sascha Hauer spi-imx: update state correctly
2009-10-01 Uwe Kleine-König spi-imx: rename source file to spi_imx.c
2009-10-01 Alexey Dobriyan const: constify remaining file_operations
2009-09-24 Russell King Merge branch 'origin' into for-linus
2009-09-23 David Brownell spi: handle TX-only/RX-only
2009-09-23 Syed Rafiuddin spi: McSPI support for OMAP4
2009-09-23 Tero Kristo spi: McSPI saves CHCONFx too
2009-09-23 Hemanth V spi: McSPI off-mode support
2009-09-23 dmitry pervushin spi: Freescale STMP driver
2009-09-23 Ben Dooks spi_s3c24xx: cache device setup data
2009-09-23 Ben Dooks spi_s3c24xx: use dev_pm_ops
2009-09-23 Ben Dooks spi_s3c24xx: use resource_size() to get resource size
2009-09-23 Ben Dooks spi_s3c24xx: fix header includes
2009-09-23 Antonio Ospite pxa2xx_spi: register earlier
2009-09-23 Anton Vorontsov spi: prefix modalias with "spi:"
2009-09-23 Anton Vorontsov spi: add support for device table matching
2009-09-23 Sascha Hauer spi: add SPI driver for most known i.MX SoCs
2009-09-23 linus.walleij@ster... spi: add default selection of PL022 for ARM reference...
2009-09-23 Steven A. Falco spi: add spi_ppc4xx driver
2009-09-23 Jouni Hogander spi: omap2_mcspi use BIT(n)
2009-09-23 Sascha Hauer spi: remove i.MX SPI driver
2009-09-21 Russell King Merge branch 'u300' into devel
2009-09-21 Russell King Merge branch 'devel' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-09-21 Joe Perches trivial: remove unnecessary semicolons
2009-09-18 Linus Walleij ARM: 5678/1: SSP/SPI PL022 polarity terminology fix
2009-09-12 Russell King Merge branch 'master' into devel
2009-09-12 Russell King Merge branch 'devel-stable' into devel
2009-09-10 Mike Rapoport [ARM] pxa: update pxa2xx-spi.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
2009-08-18 Ben Dooks spi_s3c24xx: fix transfer setup code
2009-08-18 Ben Dooks spi_s3c24xx: fix clock rate calculation
2009-07-30 Eero Nurkkala spi: omap2_mcspi rxdma bugfix
2009-07-30 Jouni Hogander spi: omap2_mcspi supports wake events
2009-07-11 Huang Weiyi [ARM] remove duplicated #include
2009-07-01 David Brownell spi: bitbang bugfix in message setup
2009-07-01 David Brownell spi: add spi_master flag word
2009-07-01 David Brownell spi: new spi->mode bits
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc8xxx: s/83xx/8xxx/g
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc83xx: rename spi_83xx.c to spi_8xxx.c
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc83xx: remove dead code
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc83xx: split mpc83xx_spi_work() into two routines
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc83xx: fix checkpatch issues
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc83xx: add small delay after asserting chip-selec...
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc83xx: quieten down the "Requested speed is too...
2009-06-19 Anton Vorontsov spi_mpc83xx: handle other Freescale processors
2009-06-18 Jiri Pirko spi: fix spi_write_then_read() comment
2009-06-18 Daniel Ribeiro pxa2xx_spi: fix for SPI_CS_HIGH
2009-06-18 Anton Vorontsov mpc52xx_psc_spi: convert to cs_control callback
2009-06-18 David Brownell spi: move more spi_setup() functionality into core
2009-06-18 David Brownell spi: move common spi_setup() functionality into core
2009-06-18 Roel Kluin spi_bfin5xx: limit reaches -1
2009-06-18 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge commit 'gcl/merge' into next
2009-06-17 Anton Vorontsov powerpc/5200: convert mpc52xx_psc_spi to use cs_control...
2009-06-17 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'akpm'
2009-06-17 Roel Kluin spi: takes size of a pointer to determine the size...
2009-06-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-06-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2009-06-13 Jie Zhang Blackfin: rename bfin_addr_dcachable to bfin_addr_dcach...
2009-06-10 Russell King Merge branch for-rmk-devel of git://aeryn.fluff.org...
2009-06-10 Linus Walleij [ARM] 5546/1: ARM PL022 SSP/SPI driver v3
2009-05-23 Russell King Merge branch 'ixp4xx' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-05-21 Michal Simek microblaze: Kconfig: Enable drivers for Microblaze
2009-05-18 Ben Dooks [ARM] S3C24XX: GPIO: Move gpio functions out of <mach...
2009-05-12 Daniel Ribeiro pxa2xx_spi: prevent panic case setup() fails
2009-05-07 Sascha Hauer [ARM] Remove arch-imx from build system
2009-04-21 Roel Kluin spi: pxa2xx: limit reaches -1
2009-04-21 Daniel Ribeiro pxa2xx_spi: restore DRCMR on resume