arm/pxa2xx: reorgazine SSP and SPI header files
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / spi / pxa2xx_spi.c
2010-12-01 Sebastian Andrzej... arm/pxa2xx: reorgazine SSP and SPI header files
2010-12-01 Sebastian Andrzej... spi/pxa2xx: Use define for SSSR_TFL_MASK instead of...
2010-12-01 Sebastian Andrzej... spi/pxa2xx: add support for shared IRQ handler
2010-11-26 Sebastian Andrzej... spi/pxa2xx: register driver properly
2010-05-11 Haojian Zhuang [ARM] pxa: add namespace on ssp
2010-05-11 Haojian Zhuang [ARM] pxa: move ssp into common plat-pxa
2010-05-11 Eric Miao [ARM] pxa: merge regs-ssp.h into ssp.h
2010-05-11 Eric Miao [ARM] pxa: correct SSCR0_SCR to support multiple SoCs
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2009-12-15 Alexey Dobriyan const: constify remaining dev_pm_ops
2009-09-24 Russell King Merge branch 'origin' into for-linus
2009-09-23 Antonio Ospite pxa2xx_spi: register earlier
2009-09-10 Mike Rapoport [ARM] pxa: update pxa2xx-spi.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
2009-06-18 Daniel Ribeiro pxa2xx_spi: fix for SPI_CS_HIGH
2009-06-18 David Brownell spi: move more spi_setup() functionality into core
2009-06-18 David Brownell spi: move common spi_setup() functionality into core
2009-05-12 Daniel Ribeiro pxa2xx_spi: prevent panic case setup() fails
2009-04-21 Roel Kluin spi: pxa2xx: limit reaches -1
2009-04-21 Daniel Ribeiro pxa2xx_spi: restore DRCMR on resume
2009-04-13 Daniel Ribeiro [ARM] pxa: fix typo of cs_deassert() in pxa2xx-spi.c
2009-04-07 Mike Rapoport pxa2xx_spi: set spi_master.dma_alignment = 8
2009-04-07 Eric Miao spi: pxa2xx_spi: introduce chipselect GPIO to simplify...
2009-03-28 Russell King Merge branch 'origin' into devel
2009-03-24 Kay Sievers spi: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name(...
2009-03-09 Eric Miao [ARM] pxa: move DMA registers definitions into <mach...
2009-01-06 Julia Lawall drivers/spi: move a dereference below a NULL test
2008-11-29 Russell King [ARM] Hide ISA DMA API when ISA_DMA_API is unset
2008-11-20 Ned Forrester pxa2xx_spi: bugfix full duplex dma data corruption
2008-10-16 Vernon Sauder pxa2xx_spi: fix chip_info defaults and documentation.
2008-10-16 Guennadi Liakhovetski pxa2xx_spi: minor cleanup
2008-10-01 Mike Rapoport pxa2xx_spi: fix build breakage
2008-09-13 Ned Forrester pxa2xx_spi: dma bugfixes
2008-09-13 Ned Forrester pxa2xx_spi: chipselect bugfixes
2008-08-07 Russell King [ARM] Move include/asm-arm/arch-* to arch/arm/*/include...
2008-08-07 Russell King [ARM] Remove asm/hardware.h, use asm/arch/hardware...
2008-07-26 FUJITA Tomonori dma-mapping: add the device argument to dma_mapping_error()
2008-05-13 Eric BENARD spi: pxa2xx_spi clock resume bugfix
2008-04-28 David Brownell spi: pxa2xx_spi "sparse" fixes
2008-04-11 Kay Sievers spi: fix platform driver hotplug/coldplug
2008-02-24 Ned Forrester spi: pxa2xx_spi clock polarity fix
2008-02-06 David Brownell spi: remove more dev->power.power_state usage
2008-01-26 eric miao [ARM] pxa: make pxa2xx_spi driver use ssp_request(...
2008-01-26 eric miao [ARM] pxa: move SSP register definitions from pxa-regs...
2007-12-11 Will Newton pxa2xx_spi: fix typo in description
2007-10-16 Tony Jones spi doesn't need class_device
2007-10-16 David Brownell SPI driver runtime footprint shrinkage
2007-10-16 Jesper Juhl Clean up duplicate includes in drivers/spi/
2007-07-17 David Brownell SPI controller drivers: check for unsupported modes
2007-02-12 Hans-Peter Nilsson [PATCH] SPI cleanup() method param becomes non-const
2007-02-08 Greg Kroah-Hartman Revert "Driver core: convert SPI code to use struct...
2007-02-07 Greg Kroah-Hartman Driver core: convert SPI code to use struct device
2007-01-26 Justin Clacherty [PATCH] spi: fix error setting the spi mode in pxa2xx_spi.c
2006-12-10 Stephen Street [PATCH] spi: stabilize PIO mode transfers on PXA2xx...
2006-12-05 David Howells WorkQueue: Fix up arch-specific work items where possible
2006-10-06 Jeff Garzik Various drivers' irq handlers: kill dead code, needless...
2006-10-05 David Howells IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing...
2006-05-21 Stephen Street [PATCH] pxa2xx-spi update
2006-05-16 Stephen Street [PATCH] spi: Update to PXA2xx SPI Driver
2006-05-16 Stephen Street [PATCH] SPI: add PXA2xx SSP SPI Driver