[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.20: Implement the FC and SLI async event handlers
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / scsi / ipr.h
2010-12-21 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: fix mailbox register definition and add...
2010-10-25 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add definitions for a new adapter
2010-10-07 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: fix array error logging
2010-09-05 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: Driver version 2.5.1
2010-09-05 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: fix resource address formatting and add...
2010-07-27 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: change endian swap key to match hardware...
2010-07-27 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add support for new Obsidian-E embedded...
2010-07-27 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add MMIO write to perform BIST for 64 bit...
2010-07-27 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add writeq definition if needed
2010-07-27 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add endian swap enablement for 64 bit adapters
2010-07-21 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: fix resource path display and formatting
2010-05-24 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: fix a register read to use the correct...
2010-05-24 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: include the resource path in the IOA status...
2010-05-24 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: implement fixes for 64 bit adapter support
2010-03-03 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: adds PCI ID definitions for new adapters
2010-03-03 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add support for multiple stages of initiali...
2010-03-03 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: implement shutdown changes and remove obsol...
2010-03-03 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add hardware assisted smart dump functionality
2010-03-03 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add error handling updates for the next...
2010-03-03 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: update the configuration table code for...
2010-03-03 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add support for new adapter command structu...
2009-11-06 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add workaround for MSI interrupts on P7
2009-08-22 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: fix buffer overflow
2009-06-21 Wayne Boyer ipr: differentiate pci-x and pci-e based adapters
2009-06-21 Wayne Boyer ipr: add test for MSI interrupt support
2009-03-12 Wayne Boyer [SCSI] ipr: add MSI support
2009-01-02 Kay Sievers [SCSI] struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name...
2008-12-29 Alan Cox [SCSI] Clean up my email address and use a single stand...
2008-07-27 Harvey Harrison [SCSI] replace __FUNCTION__ with __func__
2007-05-08 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Use PCI-E reset API for new ipr adapter
2007-05-06 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Enable multi-initator RAID support
2007-05-06 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Handle IOA reset request
2007-04-01 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Driver version to 2.3.2
2007-04-01 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Faster sg list fetch
2007-04-01 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Add new PCI-E IDs to device table
2007-04-01 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Make adapter operational timeout be per...
2007-01-27 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Driver version 2.3.1
2006-11-22 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Driver version 2.3.0
2006-11-22 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Reduce default error log size
2006-11-22 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Add support for logging SAS fabric errors
2006-11-22 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: PCI IDs for new SAS adapters
2006-09-26 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Support attaching SATA devices
2006-08-06 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Bump driver version to 2.1.4
2006-08-06 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Add some hardware defined types for SATA
2006-04-13 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Bump version
2006-04-13 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: printk macro cleanup/removal
2006-04-13 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Fixup device type check
2006-04-13 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Disk remove path cleanup
2006-02-12 Brian King [SCSI] ipr: Fix adapter initialization failure
2005-12-14 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Driver initialization fix for kexec/kdump
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Driver version 2.1.0
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Better handle failure of adapter bringup...
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Increase ipr device scanning limits
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: New PCI Ids
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Support new device queueing model
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: New adapter error types
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Handle device autosense
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Runtime reset
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: handle new adapter errors
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Runtime debugging options
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Fix adapter microcode update DMA mapping...
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Write caching state host attribute
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Physical resource error logging macro
2005-11-06 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Cleanup error structures
2005-10-29 Jeff Garzik [SCSI] use sfoo_printk() in drivers
2005-05-20 brking@us.ibm.com [SCSI] ipr: Driver version 2.0.14
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2