[PATCH] ahci: add softreset
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / scsi / ahci.c
2006-03-23 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: add softreset
2006-03-21 Tejun Heo [SCSI] libata: implement minimal transport template...
2006-03-12 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: enable prefetching for PACKET commands
2006-03-12 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream-fixes'
2006-03-12 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: fix NULL pointer dereference detected...
2006-02-12 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: kill sht->max_sectors
2006-02-12 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: move cdb_len for host to device
2006-02-11 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: convert assert(xxx)'s in low-level...
2006-02-11 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: convert to new reset mechanism
2006-02-11 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: make ahci_fill_cmd_slot() take *pp instea...
2006-02-10 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: separate out ahci_fill_cmd_slot()
2006-02-10 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: kill NULL qc handling from ->eng_timeou...
2006-02-10 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: use ata_scsi_timed_out()
2006-01-29 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream-fixes'
2006-01-29 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] add another JMicron pci id
2006-01-29 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream-fixes'
2006-01-29 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] Isolate Intel-ism, add JMicron JMB360...
2006-01-27 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: add constants for SRST
2006-01-27 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: stop engine during hard reset
2006-01-27 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: implement and apply ata_eh_qc_complete...
2006-01-27 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: return AC_ERR_* from issue functions
2006-01-27 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: add detailed AC_ERR_* flags
2006-01-27 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: fix err_mask setting in ahci_host_intr
2006-01-18 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: separate out ahci_dev_classify
2006-01-18 Tejun Heo [PATCH] ahci: separate out ahci_stop/start_engine
2006-01-17 Jason Gaston [PATCH] ahci: AHCI mode SATA patch for Intel ICH8
2006-01-06 Tejun Heo [BLOCK] update libata to use new blk_ordered for barriers
2005-12-06 Albert Lee [PATCH] libata: move err_mask to ata_queued_cmd
2005-12-01 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] mark several libata datastructures const
2005-11-16 Jeff Garzik [libata] bump versions
2005-11-16 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] tone down ATAPI errors
2005-11-15 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] command completion fixes, improved debug...
2005-11-14 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] error handling fixes
2005-11-12 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] set port ATAPI bit correctly
2005-11-12 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci, qstor] fix miscount of scatter/gather...
2005-11-10 Jeff Garzik [libata] constify PCI ID table in several drivers
2005-11-09 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] remove Scsi_Host_Template typedef
2005-11-07 Jeff Garzik [libata] eliminate use of drivers/scsi/scsi.h compatibi...
2005-11-05 Jeff Garzik [libata] ATAPI pad allocation fixes/cleanup
2005-10-31 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'master'
2005-10-30 Jeff Garzik [libata] use dev_printk() throughout drivers
2005-10-30 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream'
2005-10-30 Jeff Garzik [libata] change ata_qc_complete() to take error mask...
2005-10-30 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream'
2005-10-30 Jeff Garzik [libata] remove ata_chk_err(), ->check_err() hook.
2005-10-28 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'master'
2005-10-22 Jeff Garzik libata: const-ification bombing run
2005-10-21 Al Viro [PATCH] iomem annotations (ahci)
2005-10-09 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream'
2005-10-05 Jeff Garzik libata: fix ATAPI DMA alignment issues
2005-10-05 Jeff Garzik libata: add ata_ratelimit(), use it in AHCI driver...
2005-09-08 Brett M Russ [PATCH] PCI/libata INTx cleanup
2005-09-07 Brett Russ [PATCH] libata: fix pio_mask values (take 2)
2005-08-30 Jeff Garzik [libata] update several drivers to use pci_iomap()...
2005-08-30 Jeff Garzik [libata] __iomem annotations for various drivers
2005-08-30 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] minor remove/unplug path cleanup
2005-08-29 Jeff Garzik Merge /spare/repo/linux-2.6/
2005-08-29 Jeff Garzik [libata] license change, other bits
2005-08-26 Jeff Garzik libata: fix EH locking
2005-08-23 Jeff Garzik /spare/repo/libata-dev branch 'upstream-fixes'
2005-08-23 Jeff Garzik libata: release prep (bump versions, etc.)
2005-08-23 Martin Wilck [PATCH] Fix HD activity LED with ahci
2005-08-10 Jason Gaston [PATCH] ahci: AHCI mode SATA patch for Intel ICH7-M DH
2005-06-28 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: ahci: remove ata_port_start/stop()...
2005-06-04 Jeff Garzik [libata] ahci: finish ATAPI support (hopefully)
2005-06-04 Jeff Garzik [libata] ahci: minor PCI MSI cleanup
2005-05-31 Jeff Garzik [libata] ahci: Update for recent ->host_stop() API...
2005-05-31 <jgarzik@pretzel... Merge ... /linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git...
2005-05-29 <jgarzik@pretzel... Merge ... /spare/repo/netdev-2.6 branch use-after-unmap
2005-05-28 domen@coderock.org [PATCH] drivers/scsi/ahci: add #include req'd for the...
2005-05-27 Jeff Garzik libata: Fix use-after-iounmap
2005-05-12 Jeff Garzik [libata ahci] support PCI MSI interrupt vector
2005-04-16 Jason Gaston [PATCH] ahci: AHCI mode SATA patch for Intel ESB2
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2