Merge git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / scsi / aacraid / aachba.c
2008-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2008-04-20 Tony Jones SCSI: convert struct class_device to struct device
2008-04-19 Matthew Wilcox drivers: Remove unnecessary inclusions of asm/semaphore.h
2008-04-16 Paul Bolle [SCSI] aacraid: Do not describe check_reset parameter...
2008-04-07 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] aacraid: use sg buffer copy helper functions
2008-04-07 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] aacraid: READ_CAPACITY_16 shouldn't trust alloca...
2008-02-11 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: ignore adapter reset check polarity
2008-02-11 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add optional MSI support
2008-02-08 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: do not set valid bit in sense information
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add Voodoo Lite class of cards.
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: remove pigs in space
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: replace '<?:' with min_t()
2008-01-23 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] replace sizeof sense_buffer with SCSI_SENSE_BUFF...
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: SMC vendor identification
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add call to flush_kernel_dcache_page
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: fix big endian issues
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: variable redefinition hides earlier...
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add sysfs report of RAID level
2008-01-23 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add parameter to control FUA and SYNCHR...
2008-01-12 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: fix driver failure with Dell PowerEdge...
2008-01-12 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] aacraid: don't assign cpu_to_le32(int) to u8
2008-01-12 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: forced reset override
2007-10-22 Jens Axboe [SG] Update drivers to use sg helpers
2007-10-12 Andrew Morton [SCSI] aacraid: rename check_reset
2007-07-28 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add SCSI SYNCHONIZE_CACHE range checking
2007-07-27 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: draw line in sand, sundry cleanup and...
2007-07-18 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add vpd to inquiry
2007-07-18 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: correct valid container response in...
2007-06-20 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add support for long serial number...
2007-06-20 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: change srb status busy return
2007-06-17 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add user initiated reset
2007-06-17 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: probe related code cleanup
2007-06-17 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] aacraid: convert to use the data buffer accessors
2007-05-31 James Bottomley [SCSI] Merge up to linux-2.6 head
2007-05-22 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: apply commit config for reset_devices...
2007-05-22 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: add support for FUA
2007-05-16 James Bottomley [SCSI] aacraid: fix panic on short Inquiry
2007-04-17 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: fix aacraid not finding device
2007-04-01 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: fix print of Firmware Build Date and...
2007-03-21 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: cleanup and version stamp driver
2007-03-21 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] aacraid: check buffer address in aac_internal_tr...
2007-03-20 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Improved error handling
2007-03-20 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: remove un-needed references to containe...
2007-03-20 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Fix blocking issue with container probi...
2007-02-14 Tim Schmielau [PATCH] remove many unneeded #includes of sched.h
2007-01-27 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: expanded expose physical device code...
2007-01-27 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: rework packet support code
2006-12-13 Robert P. J. Day [PATCH] getting rid of all casts of k[cmz]alloc() calls
2006-09-24 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: expose physical devices
2006-09-24 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: misc cleanup
2006-08-19 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Reset adapter in recovery timeout
2006-08-19 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Check for unlikely errors
2006-06-23 Eric Sesterhenn [PATCH] More BUG_ON conversion
2006-06-10 Tobias Klauser [SCSI] drivers/scsi: Use ARRAY_SIZE macro
2006-06-06 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] fix up request buffer reference in various scsi...
2006-05-20 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: adjustable timeouts
2006-05-20 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: optimize sg alloc
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Driver version update
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: General driver cleanup
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Track command ownership in driver
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Use scmd_ functions
2006-03-28 Matthias Gehre [PATCH] Replace 0xff.. with correct DMA_xBIT_MASK
2006-02-04 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: use no_uld_attach flag
2006-02-04 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Update global function names
2005-11-09 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Fix read capacity 16 return data
2005-10-29 Jeff Garzik [SCSI] use scmd_id(), scmd_channel() throughout code
2005-10-28 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Newer adapter communication iterface...
2005-10-28 James Bottomley Merge HEAD from ../scsi-misc-2.6-old
2005-10-28 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: fix inquiry page
2005-10-28 James Bottomley [SCSI] aacraid: Use DMA mask defines
2005-09-26 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: fib size math fix
2005-09-26 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: initialization timeout
2005-09-26 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: handle AIF hotplug events (update)
2005-09-26 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Greater than 2TB capacity support
2005-09-05 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: bad BUG_ON fix
2005-08-28 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: Fix aacraid probe breakage (updated)
2005-08-08 James Bottomley [SCSI] aacraid: correct use of cmd->timeout field
2005-08-05 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: sgraw command support
2005-08-05 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: remove duplicate io callback code
2005-06-26 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: New products patch
2005-05-20 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] 2.6 aacraid: Variable FIB size (updated patch)
2005-05-20 Mark Haverkamp [SCSI] aacraid: remove sparse warnings
2005-05-20 Adrian Bunk [SCSI] drivers/scsi/aacraid/: make some functions static
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2