rtc-r9701.c: silence compiler warning
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / rtc
2008-02-10 S.Çağlar Onur rtc-r9701.c: silence compiler warning
2008-02-06 David Brownell rtc: at91sam9 RTC support (RTT and/or RTC)
2008-02-06 David Brownell rtc: remove more dev->power.power_state usage
2008-02-06 frederic Rodo rtc ds1307: ds_1340 change init
2008-02-06 Magnus Damm rtc: add support for Epson RTC-9701JE V4
2008-02-06 Magnus Damm rtc: add support for Epson RTC-9701JE V2
2008-02-06 Bernhard Walle rtc: add HPET RTC emulation to RTC_DRV_CMOS
2008-02-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin RTC driver: convert sync wait to use the irq...
2008-02-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin RTC driver: shave off another memcpy() by...
2008-02-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin RTC driver: read_alarm() checks the enabled...
2008-02-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin RTC driver: use dev_dbg() rather than pr_stamp()
2008-02-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin RTC driver: cleanup proc handler (we dont...
2008-02-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin RTC driver: we pass in a (struct device*)...
2008-02-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin RTC driver: the frequency function is in units...
2008-02-06 Andrew Sharp Platform real time clock driver for Dallas 1511 chip
2008-02-06 David Brownell rtc-cmos alarm acts as oneshot
2008-02-06 Paul Mundt rtc: ds1302 rtc support
2008-02-06 David Brownell rtc-cmos: export nvram in sysfs
2008-02-06 Robert P. J. Day rtc-s3c: Use is_power_of_2() macro for simplicity.
2008-02-06 Jean Delvare rtc-pcf8583: Don't abuse I2C_M_NOSTART
2008-02-06 Alessandro Zummo Cosmetic fixes to RTC subsystem's Kconfig
2008-01-28 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/lethal/sh-2.6
2008-01-28 Russell King Merge branch 'pxa-plat' into devel
2008-01-28 Paul Mundt rtc: rtc-sh: Split out the CPU defs to asm/cpu/.
2008-01-28 Paul Mundt rtc: rtc-sh: SH-2A support.
2008-01-28 Paul Mundt rtc: rtc-sh: SH-5 support.
2008-01-27 Jean Delvare i2c: normal_i2c can be made const (rtc drivers)
2008-01-26 Russell King [ARM] pxa/sa1100: replace wakeup support
2008-01-25 Dave Young rtc: use class iteration api
2007-12-18 David Brownell rtc-at32ap700x: fix irq init oops
2007-12-05 Marc Pignat spi: use simplified spi_sync() calling convention
2007-12-05 Jiri Kosina RTC: assure proper memory ordering with respect to...
2007-11-29 Jiri Kosina RTC: convert mutex to bitfield
2007-11-23 Mike Frysinger Blackfin arch: punt CONFIG_BFIN -- we already have...
2007-11-15 David Brownell rtc-ds1307 exports NVRAM
2007-11-15 David Brownell RTCs: handle NVRAM better
2007-11-15 David Brownell rtc_hctosys expects RTCs in UTC (doc)
2007-11-07 Paul Mundt rtc: rtc-sh: Zero out tm value for invalid rtc states.
2007-11-07 Paul Mundt rtc: sh-rtc: Handle rtc_device_register() failure properly.
2007-11-05 Randy Dunlap rtc: m48t59 fix section mismatch warning
2007-11-04 Mark Lord rtc: ignore msb when reading back mday from alarm
2007-10-30 Krzysztof Helt s3c-rtc: remove unused variable
2007-10-19 Matt LaPlante typo fixes
2007-10-19 Jiri Slaby remove asm/bitops.h includes
2007-10-18 Joe Perches Add missing newlines to some uses of dev_<level> messages
2007-10-16 Bryan Kadzban rtc: allow validated RTC_PIE_ON for non-root
2007-10-16 Bryan Kadzban rtc: add max_user_freq to sysfs
2007-10-16 David Brownell rtc-cmos probe() cleanup
2007-10-16 Mark Lord rtc: fix readback from /sys/class/rtc/rtc?/wakealarm
2007-10-16 Scott Wood rtc: RTC class driver for the ds1374
2007-10-16 Jean Delvare rtc-pcf8583: Check for i2c adapter functionality
2007-10-16 Atsushi Nemoto rtc: make rtc-ds1742 driver hotplug-aware
2007-10-16 Atsushi Nemoto rtc: make rtc-ds1553 driver hotplug-aware
2007-10-16 Mark Zhan rtc-dev: no need to convert file->private_data to rtc...
2007-10-16 David Brownell rtc_irq_set_freq() requires power-of-two and associated...
2007-10-16 Alessandro Zummo RTC: periodic irq fix
2007-09-21 Paul Mundt rtc: rtc-sh: Support 4-digit year on SH7705/SH7710...
2007-09-19 Atsushi Nemoto rtc: rtc-ds1553.c should use resource_size_t for base...
2007-09-19 David Gibson rtc-ds1742.c should use resource_size_t for base address
2007-09-12 Mike Rapoport RTC v3020 fixes
2007-08-27 Atsushi Nemoto [PATCH] rtc: Make rtc-rs5c348 driver hotplug-aware
2007-08-23 David Brownell rtc-max6902 minor fixes
2007-08-23 David Brownell correct name for rtc-m41t80
2007-07-31 Mark Zhan rtc-m48t59 driver NO_IRQ mode fixup
2007-07-31 Jan Engelhardt Use menuconfig objects: RTC
2007-07-31 Adrian Bunk Remove the arm26 port
2007-07-31 Thomas Hommel rtc-dev: Make RTC driver return ENOTTY instead of ENOIO...
2007-07-31 Ben Dooks s3c2410: fixup after arch moves
2007-07-31 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lethal/sh-2.6.23
2007-07-29 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /linux/kernel/git/cooloney...
2007-07-26 Alessandro Zummo Reorder RTC Makefile
2007-07-26 David Brownell rtc-ds1307: typo fix found by coverity
2007-07-26 Al Viro fix missing arguments in drivers/rtc/rtc-stk17ta8.c
2007-07-26 Markus Brunner rtc: rtc-sh: Correct sh_rtc_set_time() for some SH...
2007-07-25 john stultz Cleanup non-arch xtime uses, use get_seconds() or curre...
2007-07-22 Thomas Hommel rtc: add support for STK17TA8 chip
2007-07-22 Dale Farnsworth rtc: update and use the MAX6900 century byte
2007-07-22 David Brownell rtc kconfig: point out need for static linkage
2007-07-22 Atsushi Nemoto rtc: do not return void value
2007-07-20 Paul Mundt sh: Fix up SH-3 and SH-4 driver dependencies.
2007-07-19 Alessandro Zummo RTC: add periodic irq support to rtc-cmos
2007-07-17 Tony Lindgren OMAP: add TI TWL92330/Menelaus Power Management chip...
2007-07-17 David Brownell rtc-ds1307 becomes new-style i2c driver
2007-07-17 Rodolfo Giometti rtc-ds1307: oscillator restart for ds13{37,38,39,40}
2007-07-17 Thomas Bogendoerfer RTC driver for DS1216 chips
2007-07-17 Mark Zhan rtc: add support for the ST M48T59 RTC
2007-07-17 Atsushi Nemoto rtc: watchdog support for rtc-m41t80 driver
2007-07-17 Atsushi Nemoto rtc: add rtc-m41t80 driver
2007-07-17 David Brownell RTC Kconfig tweax
2007-07-17 Alessandro Zummo RTC_CLASS is no longer considered EXPERIMENTAL
2007-07-17 Hans-Christian Egtvedt Driver for the Atmel on-chip RTC on AT32AP700x devices
2007-07-17 Hans-Christian Egtvedt rtc-dev: return -ENOTTY in ioctl if irq_set_freq is...
2007-07-17 David Brownell rtc-rs5c372 becomes a new-style i2c driver
2007-07-17 David Brownell rtc-ds1307 cleanups
2007-07-17 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2007-07-14 Mike Frysinger Blackfin On-Chip RTC driver update for supporting BF54x
2007-07-12 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2007-07-12 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream' of git://ftp.linux-mips.org...
2007-07-12 Yoichi Yuasa [MIPS] separate platform_device registration for VR41xx RTC
2007-07-12 Jean Delvare i2c: Delete outdated x1205 driver documentation