ARM: tegra30: pm: flush L1 data before exit coherency on secondary CPU
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / rtc / rtc-cmos.c
2011-06-10 Joe Perches treewide: Convert uses of struct resource to resource_s...
2011-03-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'x86-platform-for-linus' of git://git...
2011-03-09 John Stultz RTC: Cleanup rtc_class_ops->update_irq_enable()
2011-03-09 John Stultz RTC: Cleanup rtc_class_ops->irq_set_freq()
2011-03-09 John Stultz RTC: Cleanup rtc_class_ops->irq_set_state
2011-02-23 Sebastian Andrzej... rtc: cmos: Add OF bindings
2011-01-13 Paul Fox rtc-cmos: fix suspend/resume
2010-11-29 Srikanth Krishnakar rtc-cmos.c : Fix warning on PowerPC
2010-08-11 Christian Dietrich drivers/rtc: remove unneeded ifdef CONFIG_PM
2010-05-25 Dan Carpenter rtc-cmos: do dev_set_drvdata() earlier in the initializ...
2010-05-21 Arnaud Patard RTC: rtc-cmos: Fix binary mode support
2010-05-21 Chris Wright sysfs: add struct file* to bin_attr callbacks
2010-01-11 OGAWA Hirofumi rtc_cmos: convert shutdown to new pnp_driver->shutdown
2009-12-17 Wu Zhangjin RTC: rtc-cmos.c: Fix warning on MIPS
2009-12-16 Herton Ronaldo Krz... rtc-cmos: convert RTC_AIE/RTC_UIE to rtc irq API
2009-12-16 Maxim Levitsky rtc: disable hpet emulation on suspend
2009-07-30 Thadeu Lima de Sou... rtc: mark if rtc-cmos drivers were successfully registered
2009-04-21 Krzysztof Halasa rtc-cmos: fix printk output
2009-01-06 Jonathan Cameron rtc: move power of 2 periodic frequency check down...
2009-01-06 Anton Vorontsov rtc: bunch of drivers: fix 'no irq' case handing
2009-01-06 Kay Sievers rtc: struct device: replace bus_id with dev_name()...
2008-11-06 Frans Pop rtc-cmos: fix boot log message
2008-10-20 Parag Warudkar x86: sysfs: kill owner field from attribute
2008-10-20 Adrian Bunk drivers/rtc/: use bcd2bin/bin2bcd
2008-10-20 David Brownell rtc-cmos: export second NVRAM bank
2008-10-20 David Brownell rtc-cmos: export second NVRAM bank
2008-10-14 Bjorn Helgaas rtc-cmos: look for PNP RTC first, then for platform RTC
2008-10-14 Bjorn Helgaas rtc-cmos: move wake setup from ACPI glue into RTC driver
2008-09-16 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-09-03 Rafael J. Wysocki rtc-cmos: wake again from S5
2008-08-29 David S. Miller rtc: Allow RTC_DRV_CMOS to be used on SPARC.
2008-07-24 David Brownell rtc-cmos: avoid spurious irqs
2008-07-24 David Brownell rtc-cmos: improve HPET IRQ glue
2008-07-24 Carlos R. Mafra rtc: remove and clarify unneeded externs
2008-06-13 Stas Sergeev provide rtc_cmos platform device
2008-04-29 Bjorn Helgaas rtc: dont reference pnp_resource_table directly
2008-04-16 Zhao Yakui rtc: fix the error in the function of cmos_set_alarm
2008-04-11 Kay Sievers rtc: fix platform driver hotplug/coldplug
2008-02-24 David Brownell rtc-cmos: display HPET emulation mode
2008-02-06 Bernhard Walle rtc: add HPET RTC emulation to RTC_DRV_CMOS
2008-02-06 David Brownell rtc-cmos alarm acts as oneshot
2008-02-06 David Brownell rtc-cmos: export nvram in sysfs
2007-11-04 Mark Lord rtc: ignore msb when reading back mday from alarm
2007-10-16 David Brownell rtc-cmos probe() cleanup
2007-10-16 David Brownell rtc_irq_set_freq() requires power-of-two and associated...
2007-07-19 Alessandro Zummo RTC: add periodic irq support to rtc-cmos
2007-06-01 Matthew Garrett RTC: use fallback IRQ if PNP tables don't provide one
2007-05-08 Marko Vrh rtc-cmos: make it load on PNPBIOS systems
2007-05-08 David Brownell rtc-cmos wakeup interface
2007-05-08 David Brownell rtc: remove rest of class_device
2007-05-08 David Brownell rtc: rtc interfaces don't use class_device
2007-04-02 David Brownell [PATCH] rtc-cmos lockdep fix, irq updates
2007-02-11 David Brownell [PATCH] RTC framework driver for CMOS RTCs