pda_power: add support for using otg transceiver events
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / power / pda_power.c
2011-12-01 Dima Zavin pda_power: add support for using otg transceiver events
2010-04-16 Daniel Mack pda_power: Add function callbacks for suspend and resume
2009-02-02 Philipp Zabel pda_power: Add optional OTG transceiver and voltage...
2009-01-25 Philipp Zabel power_supply: pda_power: Don't request shared IRQs...
2008-08-31 Robert Jarzmik pda_power: Check and handle return value of set_irq_wake
2008-07-25 Kay Sievers drivers/power: fix platform driver hotplug/coldplug
2008-05-02 Philipp Zabel pda_power: add init and exit function callbacks
2008-02-01 Anton Vorontsov pda_power: implement polling
2008-02-01 Anton Vorontsov pda_power: various cleanups
2008-02-01 Dmitry Baryshkov pda_power: add suspend/resume support
2008-02-01 Dmitry Baryshkov pda_power: only register available psu
2007-07-15 Anton Vorontsov Power supply class and drivers: remove non obligatory...
2007-07-15 Jeff Garzik pda_power: clean up irq, timer
2007-07-10 Anton Vorontsov [BATTERY] pda_power platform driver