rtc: fall back to requesting only the ports we actually use
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / pnp /
2007-10-17 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: add debug message for adding new device
2007-10-17 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: simplify PNPBIOS insert_device
2007-10-17 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: use dev_info() in system driver
2007-10-17 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: use dev_info(), dev_err(), etc in core
2007-10-17 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: simplify PNP card error handling
2007-10-17 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: remove null pointer checks
2007-10-17 Krzysztof Oledzki Fix very high interrupt rate for IRQ8 (rtc) unless...
2007-10-17 Jan Beulich PNP: don't fail device init if no DMA channel available
2007-10-17 Rafael J. Wysocki PNP: make pnpacpi_suspend handle errors
2007-10-17 Jesper Juhl pnp: avoid a small unlikely memory leak in proc_read_escd()
2007-10-16 Jaroslav Kysela [ALSA] Changed Jaroslav Kysela's e-mail from perex...
2007-10-10 Jeff Garzik drivers/firmware: const-ify DMI API and internals
2007-09-12 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: remove SMCf010 quirk
2007-08-24 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: remove null pointer checks
2007-08-24 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: remove MODULE infrastructure
2007-08-24 Bjorn Helgaas ISAPNP: removed unused isapnp_detected and ISAPNP_DEBUG
2007-08-24 Bjorn Helgaas PNPACPI: remove unnecessary casts of "void *"
2007-08-24 Bjorn Helgaas PNPACPI: simplify irq_flags()
2007-08-24 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: fix up after Lindent
2007-07-29 Len Brown ACPI: restore CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP
2007-07-26 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: fix up after Lindent
2007-07-26 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: Lindent all source files
2007-07-25 Len Brown Pull auto-load-modules into release branch
2007-07-23 Thomas Renninger ACPI: autoload modules - Create ACPI alias interface
2007-07-22 Shaohua Li ACPI, PNP: hook ACPI D-state to PNP suspend/resume
2007-07-19 Yoann Padioleau some kmalloc/memset ->kzalloc (tree wide)
2007-07-18 Jeremy Fitzhardinge usermodehelper: Tidy up waiting
2007-07-17 Rafael J. Wysocki Freezer: make kernel threads nonfreezable by default
2007-07-16 Jesper Juhl isapnp: remove pointless check of 'type' against 0...
2007-07-16 Jan Engelhardt Use menuconfig objects: PNP
2007-07-06 Bjorn Helgaas PNP SMCf010 quirk: work around Toshiba Portege 4000...
2007-06-28 Bjorn Helgaas PNP SMCf010 quirk: auto-config device if BIOS left...
2007-05-10 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] Kconfig: menus with depends on HAS_IOMEM.
2007-05-08 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: workaround HP BIOS defect that leaves SMCF010...
2007-05-08 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: notice whether we have PNP devices (PNPBIOS or...
2007-05-08 Eric W. Biederman pnpbios: convert to use the kthread API
2007-05-08 David Brownell PNPACPI sets pnpdev->dev.archdata
2007-05-08 David Brownell init dma masks in pnp_dev
2007-04-27 Greg Kroah-Hartman PNP: stop using the subsystem rwsem
2007-04-02 Petr Vandrovec [PATCH] Correctly report PnP 64bit resources
2007-03-17 David Brownell [PATCH] reduce pnp syslog spam
2007-03-09 Michael Karcher ACPI: fix parallel port IRQ after resume from S3
2007-02-16 Len Brown Pull misc-for-upstream into release branch
2007-02-16 Len Brown ACPI: always enable CONFIG_PNPACPI on CONFIG_ACPI kernels
2007-02-12 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] mark struct file_operations const 5
2007-02-11 Robert P. J. Day [PATCH] Remove unnecessary memset(0) calls after kzallo...
2007-02-11 David Brownell [PATCH] PNP: export pnp_bus_type
2007-01-26 Bjorn Helgaas PNPACPI: remove EXPERIMENTAL dependency
2007-01-26 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: system.c whitespace cleanup
2007-01-26 Bjorn Helgaas PNP: reserve system board iomem resources as well as...
2006-12-13 Robert P. J. Day [PATCH] getting rid of all casts of k[cmz]alloc() calls
2006-12-13 Robert P. J. Day [PATCH] Fix numerous kcalloc() calls, convert to kzalloc()
2006-12-08 Josef Sipek [PATCH] struct path: convert isapnp
2006-12-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://one.firstfloor.org...
2006-12-07 Jeff Garzik [PATCH] PNP: handle sysfs errors
2006-12-07 Nigel Cunningham [PATCH] Add include/linux/freezer.h and move definition...
2006-12-07 Rusty Russell [PATCH] paravirt: Allow disable power management under...
2006-10-18 Vojtech Pavlik Fix DMA resource allocation in ACPIPnP
2006-10-05 David Howells IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing...
2006-10-03 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/paulus/powerpc
2006-10-02 David Woodhouse [POWERPC] Use check_legacy_ioport() for ISAPnP
2006-10-01 Olaf Hering [PATCH] update legacy io handling for pmac
2006-08-06 matthieu castet [PATCH] pnpacpi: reject ACPI_PRODUCER resources
2006-08-03 Pierre Ossman PNP: Add missing casts in printk() arguments
2006-07-31 Ondrej Zary [PATCH] Fix swsusp with PNP BIOS
2006-07-03 Bjorn Helgaas [PATCH] PNPACPI: support shareable interrupts
2006-07-02 Thomas Gleixner [PATCH] irq-flags: misc drivers: Use the new IRQF_...
2006-07-01 Andrew Morton [PATCH] pnp: suppress request_irq() warning
2006-06-30 Jörn Engel Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>
2006-06-27 Greg Kroah-Hartman [PATCH] 64bit resource: change pnp core to use resource...
2006-06-25 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] pnp: card_probe(): fix memory leak
2006-06-15 Len Brown Pull pnpacpi into release branch
2006-04-19 Jan Engelhardt [PATCH] pnp: fix two messages in manager.c
2006-04-02 Bjorn Helgaas PNPACPI: whitespace cleanup
2006-04-02 Bjorn Helgaas PNPACPI: remove some code duplication
2006-04-02 Bjorn Helgaas PNPACPI: fix non-memory address space descriptor handling
2006-03-27 Bjorn Helgaas [PATCH] pnp: PNP: adjust pnp_register_driver signature
2006-03-26 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: misc static one-file mutexes
2006-03-25 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] Fix memory leak in isapnp
2006-03-23 Rene Herman [PATCH] PnPBIOS: Missing SMALL_TAG_ENDDEP tag
2006-03-01 Adam Belay [PATCH] pnp bus type fix
2006-02-02 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/perex/alsa
2006-01-24 Len Brown [ACPI] merge 3549 4320 4485 4588 4980 5483 5651 acpica...
2006-01-22 Adam Belay [ALSA] check return code in pnp_register_card_driver()
2006-01-20 Len Brown [ACPI] better fix for pnpacpi regression resulting...
2006-01-13 Russell King [PATCH] Add pnp_bus_type probe and remove methods
2006-01-07 matthieu castet [PNPACPI] clean excluded_id_list[]
2006-01-07 matthieu castet [PNPACPI] Ignore devices that have no resources
2006-01-07 Len Brown Pull pnpacpi into acpica branch
2006-01-07 Bjorn Helgaas [ACPI] enable PNPACPI support for resource types used...
2006-01-06 Zachary Amsden [PATCH] x86: Fixed pnp bios limits
2006-01-06 Zachary Amsden [PATCH] x86: Pnp byte granularity
2006-01-06 Zachary Amsden [PATCH] x86: Pnp segments in segment h
2006-01-06 Zachary Amsden [PATCH] x86: GDT alignment fix
2006-01-05 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2006-01-05 Kay Sievers [PATCH] keep pnpbios usermod_helper away from hotplug_p...
2006-01-03 Pierre Ossman [ALSA] [PATCH] alsa: Improved PnP suspend support
2006-01-03 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] PATCH] Add PM support to PnP drivers
2005-12-10 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20051021
2005-12-10 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20050930