[PATCH] s390: "extern inline" -> "static inline"
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / pcmcia /
2005-11-08 Richard Purdie [ARM] 3093/1: SharpSL PCMCIA Updates for Cxx00 models
2005-11-07 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] kfree cleanup: misc remaining drivers
2005-10-31 Linus Torvalds Merge kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-drvmodel
2005-10-31 Paul Mackerras Merge ../linux-2.6 by hand
2005-10-31 Linus Torvalds Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2005-10-31 Brian Gerst [PATCH] CONFIG_IA32
2005-10-30 Pavel Machek [ARM] Support pcmcia slot on sharp sl-5500
2005-10-29 Pete Popov Updated pcmcia driver with pb1200 and db1200 support.
2005-10-29 Pete Popov - moved platform structure to platform.c
2005-10-29 Russell King Create platform_device.h to contain all the platform...
2005-10-29 Marcelo Tosatti [PATCH] MPC8xx PCMCIA driver
2005-10-28 Linus Torvalds pcmcia: add socket register data to sysfs for yenta...
2005-10-28 Greg KH Merge ../bleed-2.6
2005-10-28 Russell King [PATCH] DRIVER MODEL: Get rid of the obsolete tri-level...
2005-10-28 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] Driver core: pass interface to class interface...
2005-10-28 Russell King [ARM] Fix sparse warnings
2005-10-15 Pavel Machek [PATCH] zaurus: fix soc_common.c
2005-10-10 Steven Rostedt [PATCH] pcmcia: fix task state at pccard thread exit
2005-10-08 David Vrabel [PATCH] yenta: fix build if YENTA && !CARDBUS
2005-09-30 Linus Torvalds Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2005-09-29 Russell King [ARM] Don't include mach-types.h unnecessarily
2005-09-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: only start up nonstatic sockets if...
2005-09-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: allow one port excludes
2005-09-26 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] yenta: more ENE bridges
2005-09-26 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] yenta: add support for more TI bridges
2005-09-26 Komuro [PATCH] pcmcia: fix Kconfig dependency
2005-09-26 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] yenta: tiny cleanup
2005-09-26 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] yenta: don't mess with bridge control register
2005-09-26 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] yenta: auto-tune EnE bridges for CardBus cards
2005-09-14 Linus Torvalds Fix yenta error message when unable to find a bus assig...
2005-09-14 Ivan Kokshaysky [PATCH] yenta oops fix
2005-09-13 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: warn on IOCTL usage
2005-09-09 Brice Goglin [PATCH] pcmcia: add pcmcia to IRQ information
2005-09-09 David Brownell [PATCH] pcmcia: OMAP CF controller
2005-09-09 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: remove unused Vpp1, Vpp2 and Vcc
2005-09-09 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: remove unused client_t
2005-09-09 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] pcmcia/yenta: avoid PCI write posting problem
2005-09-09 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] fix pcmcia_request_irq() for multifunction...
2005-09-09 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] pcmcia/cs: fix possible missed wakeup
2005-09-09 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] yenta: share code with PCI core
2005-09-09 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] pcmcia: reduce ds.c stack footprint
2005-09-07 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] yenta: make ToPIC95 bridges work with 16bit...
2005-09-05 Richard Purdie [ARM] 2882/1: pxa2xx_sharpsl: Update PCMCIA driver...
2005-09-03 Richard Purdie [ARM] 2873/1: PCMCIA soc: Allow access to filesystems...
2005-08-24 Al Viro [PATCH] missing include in pcmcia_resource.c
2005-08-05 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pci and yenta: pcibios_bus_to_resource
2005-08-02 Paul Mackerras [PATCH] Obvious bugfix for yenta resource allocation
2005-08-01 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: fix multiple insertion of multifunction...
2005-07-30 Linus Torvalds Revert "yenta free_irq on suspend"
2005-07-30 Len Brown /home/lenb/src/to-linus branch 'acpi-2.6.12'
2005-07-30 Rafael J. Wysocki [ACPI] fix resume issues on Asus L5D
2005-07-28 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] pcmcia: disable read prefetch/write burst on...
2005-07-28 Daniel Ritz [PATCH] yenta: free_irq() on suspend.
2005-07-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: fix sharing IRQs and request_irq withou...
2005-07-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: avoid duble iounmap of one address
2005-07-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: update au1000 to work with recent changes
2005-07-28 Pavel Roskin [PATCH] pcmcia: fix comment
2005-07-26 Michael Gernoth [PATCH] ARM: 2830/1: Fix Jornada 720 PCMCIA-support
2005-07-12 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lenb/linux-2.6
2005-07-12 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] yenta: allocate resource fixes
2005-07-12 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] yenta: same resources in same structs
2005-07-12 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] yenta: fix parent resource determination
2005-07-12 Len Brown [ACPI] merge acpi-2.6.12 branch into latest Linux 2...
2005-07-12 David Shaohua Li [ACPI] S3 Suspend to RAM: fix driver suspend/resume...
2005-07-08 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] yenta: don't depend on CardBus
2005-07-08 Russell King [PATCH] yenta: no CardBus if IRQ fails
2005-07-08 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: remove references to pcmcia/version.h
2005-07-08 Pavel Roskin [PATCH] pcmcia: remove client services version
2005-07-08 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: reduce client_handle_t usage
2005-07-08 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: remove client_t usage
2005-07-08 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: move event handler
2005-07-08 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: deprecate ioctl
2005-07-08 Ian Campbell [PATCH] pcmcia: fix i82365 request_region double usage
2005-06-30 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: fix modalias attribute in sysfs
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] ACPI-based PCI resources: PCMCIA bugfix, but...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: export modalias in sysfs
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: 8 and 16 bit access for static_map
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: properly handle all errors of register_...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: resource handling fixes
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: select crc32 in Kconfig for PCMCIA
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: use request_region in i82365
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: release_class
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: ds.c cleanup
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: cs.c cleanup
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: move pcmcia resource handling out of...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: rename some functions
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: remove unneeded includes in ds.c
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: merge struct pcmcia_bus_socket into...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: make PCMCIA status a bitfield
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: clean up cs ds callback
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: move PCMCIA ioctl to a separate file
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: add a config option for the PCMICA...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: mark parent bridge windows as resources...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: update resource database adjust routine...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: add some Documentation
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: rescan bus always upon echoing into...
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: cleanups
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: request CIS via firmware interface
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: allow function-ID based match
2005-06-28 Dominik Brodowski [PATCH] pcmcia: match "anonymous" cards