Merge branch 'master' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / pci /
2008-04-29 Yinghai Lu x86/pci: remove flag in pci_cfg_space_size_ext
2008-04-29 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-04-29 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: fix error message about getting hotplug control
2008-04-29 Yinghai Lu pci/irq: let pci_device_shutdown to call pci_msi_shutdo...
2008-04-29 Yinghai Lu pci/irq: restore mask_bits in msi shutdown -v3
2008-04-29 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-04-29 Denis V. Lunev drivers: use non-racy method for proc entries creation (2)
2008-04-29 Alexey Dobriyan proc: remove proc_bus
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison drivers: fix integer as NULL pointer warnings
2008-04-26 Yinghai Lu x86: multi pci root bus with different io resource...
2008-04-26 Yinghai Lu driver core: try parent numa_node at first before using...
2008-04-26 Yinghai Lu x86_64: set cfg_size for AMD Family 10h in case MMCONFIG
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Fix command write
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige shpchp: fix slot name
2008-04-25 Adrian Bunk make pciehp_acpi_get_hp_hw_control_from_firmware()
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Clean up pcie_init()
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Mask hotplug interrupt at controller release
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Remove useless hotplug interrupt enabling
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Fix wrong slot capability check
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Fix wrong slot control register access
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Add missing memory barrier
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: Fix interrupt event handlig
2008-04-25 Kenji Kaneshige pciehp: fix slot name
2008-04-24 Ingo Molnar intel-iommu.c: dma ops fix
2008-04-23 Jesper Juhl PCI Express ASPM support should default to 'No'
2008-04-23 Linus Torvalds Fix cardbus resource allocation
2008-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2008-04-21 mark gross PCI: pci-iommu-iotlb-flushing-speedup
2008-04-21 Adrian Bunk PCI: pci_setup_bridge() mustn't be __devinit
2008-04-21 Adrian Bunk PCI: pci_bus_size_cardbus() mustn't be __devinit
2008-04-21 Adrian Bunk PCI: pci_scan_device() mustn't be __devinit
2008-04-21 Adrian Bunk PCI: pci_alloc_child_bus() mustn't be __devinit
2008-04-21 Harvey Harrison PCI: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-21 Trent Piepho PCI: Hotplug: fakephp: Return success, not ENODEV,...
2008-04-21 Jesper Juhl PCI: Hotplug: Fix leaks in IBM Hot Plug Controller...
2008-04-21 Ivan Kokshaysky PCI: clean up resource alignment management
2008-04-21 Adrian Bunk PCI: aerdrv_acpi.c: remove unneeded NULL check
2008-04-21 Tim Yamin PCI: Update VIA CX700 quirk
2008-04-21 Ben Hutchings PCI: Expose PCI VPD through sysfs
2008-04-21 mark gross PCI: iommu: iotlb flushing
2008-04-21 Bjorn Helgaas PCI: simplify quirk debug output
2008-04-21 mark gross PCI: iova RB tree setup tweak
2008-04-21 Bjorn Helgaas PCI: add generic pci_enable_resources()
2008-04-21 Shaohua Li PCI: add PCI Express ASPM support
2008-04-21 Gary Hade PCI: Include PCI domain in PCI bus names on x86/x86_64
2008-04-21 Adrian Bunk PCI: #if 0 pci_cleanup_aer_correct_error_status()
2008-04-21 Yinghai Lu PCI: pcie AER: don't check _OSC when acpi is disabled
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: remove global list of PCI devices
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: add is_added flag to struct pci_dev
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: make no_pci_devices() use the pci_bus_type list
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI Hotplug: the ibm driver is not dependant on PCI_LEGACY
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI Hotplug: make cpcihp driver use modern apis
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: clean up search.c a lot
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: remove pci_get_device_reverse
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: remove pci_find_present
2008-04-21 Adrian Bunk PCI: #if 0 pci_assign_resource_fixed()
2008-04-19 Mike Travis cpumask: use new cpus_scnprintf function
2008-04-19 Mike Travis generic: use new set_cpus_allowed_ptr function
2008-03-28 Jean Delvare pci: revert SMBus unhide on HP Compaq nx6110
2008-03-26 Linus Torvalds Revert "PCI: remove transparent bridge sizing"
2008-03-25 Andrew Morton PCI: revert "pcie: utilize pcie transaction pending...
2008-03-25 Mark Gross PCI: iova: lockdep false alarm fix
2008-03-18 Mark Lord pciehp: don't enable slot unless forced
2008-03-13 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2008-03-13 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: fix issue with busses registering multiple times...
2008-03-13 Len Brown Merge branches 'release', 'button-sysfs', 'misc', ...
2008-03-10 Jesper Juhl PCI Hotplug: Fix small mem leak in IBM Hot Plug Control...
2008-03-04 Kenji Kaneshige pci: hotplug: pciehp: fix error code path in hpc_power_...
2008-03-04 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: fix up error messages for pci_bus registering
2008-03-04 Sam Ravnborg PCI: fix section mismatch warning in pci_scan_child_bus
2008-03-04 Bjorn Helgaas PCI: consolidate duplicated MSI enable functions
2008-03-04 Bjorn Helgaas PCI: use dev_printk in quirk messages
2008-03-03 Randy Dunlap docbook: fix kernel-api source files
2008-02-24 mark gross copyright owner and author clean up for intel iommu...
2008-02-23 Rafael J. Wysocki PM: Introduce PM_EVENT_HIBERNATE callback state
2008-02-23 David Brownell ACPI: acpi_pci_set_power_state() cleanups
2008-02-22 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-02-21 Kenji Kaneshige PCI: Fix wrong reference counter check for proc_dir_entry
2008-02-21 Andrew Morton PCI: fix up setup-bus.c #ifdef
2008-02-21 Yinghai Lu PCI: don't load acpi_php when acpi is disabled
2008-02-21 Peer Chen PCI: quirks: set 'En' bit of MSI Mapping for devices...
2008-02-21 Randy Dunlap PCI: kernel-doc: fix pci-acpi warning
2008-02-21 Crane Cai PCI: AMD SATA IDE mode quirk
2008-02-21 Gary Hade PCI: hotplug: acpiphp_ibm: Remove get device information
2008-02-21 Len Brown Merge branches 'release', 'bugzilla-9916', 'bugzilla...
2008-02-21 Rafael J. Wysocki PCI ACPI: Fix comment describing acpi_pci_choose_state
2008-02-15 Randy Dunlap kernel-doc: fix pci-acpi warning
2008-02-08 David Howells mn10300: add the MN10300/AM33 architecture to the kernel
2008-02-08 mark gross intel-iommu: fault_reason index cleanup
2008-02-08 mark gross intel-iommu: PMEN support
2008-02-06 David Miller Genericizing iova.[ch]
2008-02-05 FUJITA Tomonori iommu sg merging: PCI: add dma segment boundary support
2008-02-05 FUJITA Tomonori iommu sg merging: PCI: add device_dma_parameters support
2008-02-02 Sam Ravnborg PCI: fix 4x section mismatch warnings
2008-02-02 Sam Ravnborg PCI: fix section mismatch warnings referring to pci_do_...
2008-02-02 Greg Kroah-Hartman Revert "PCI: PCIE ASPM support"
2008-02-02 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2008-02-01 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: make pci_bus a struct device
2008-02-01 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: fix codingstyle issues in drivers/pci/pci.h
2008-02-01 Shaohua Li PCI: PCIE ASPM support