Revert "ARM: tegra: tegratab: dummy change"
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net /
2013-08-14 Deepak Nibade Merge branch 'linux-3.4.57' into rel-17
2013-08-11 Neil Horman 8139cp: Add dma_mapping_error checking
2013-08-11 Eric Dumazet usbnet: do not pretend to support SG/TSO
2013-08-11 Dan Carpenter arcnet: cleanup sizeof parameter
2013-08-11 Tomasz Moń mwifiex: Add missing endian conversion.
2013-08-11 Stanislaw Gruszka rt2x00: fix stop queue
2013-08-11 Jacob Keller ixgbe: Fix Tx Hang issue with lldpad on 82598EB
2013-08-11 Oleksij Rempel ath9k_htc: do some initial hardware configuration
2013-08-04 Michael S. Tsirkin virtio_net: fix race in RX VQ processing
2013-07-28 Neil Horman atl1e: unmap partially mapped skb on dma error and...
2013-07-28 Neil Horman atl1e: fix dma mapping warnings
2013-07-28 dingtianhong ifb: fix oops when loading the ifb failed
2013-07-28 dingtianhong dummy: fix oops when loading the dummy failed
2013-07-28 Jason Wang macvtap: correctly linearize skb when zerocopy is used
2013-07-28 dingtianhong ifb: fix rcu_sched self-detected stalls
2013-07-28 Dave Kleikamp sunvnet: vnet_port_remove must call unregister_netdev
2013-07-28 Sergei Shtylyov sh_eth: fix unhandled RFE interrupt
2013-07-28 Michael S. Tsirkin macvtap: fix recovery from gup errors
2013-07-28 Sujith Manoharan ath9k: Do not assign noise for NULL caldata
2013-07-28 Gabor Juhos rt2x00: read 5GHz TX power values from the correct...
2013-07-22 Larry Finger rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix duplicate if test
2013-07-22 Larry Finger rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID for TP-Link TL-WN8200ND
2013-07-10 bibhayr bcmdhd: Add support for channel 165
2013-07-10 Michael Hsu net: wireless: bcmdhd: mask excessive wifi chip interrupts
2013-07-10 bibhayr net: wireless: bcmdhd: new driver version
2013-07-05 Mohan T net: wireless: bcmdhd: Set dpc rt thread priority to max
2013-07-05 Harshavardhan Nalajala net: wireless: wl12xx: Add wifi edp support
2013-07-03 Zefan Li dlci: validate the net device in dlci_del()
2013-07-03 Zefan Li dlci: acquire rtnl_lock before calling __dev_get_by_name()
2013-06-28 Kadimella Phani... net: wireless: bcmdhd:Enable flag QUEUE_BW for RBE
2013-06-27 Zheng Li bonding: rlb mode of bond should not alter ARP originat...
2013-06-27 Jiri Pirko team: check return value of team_get_port_by_index_rcu...
2013-06-27 stephen hemminger 8139cp: reset BQL when ring tx ring cleared
2013-06-27 Francois Romieu r8169: fix offloaded tx checksum for small packets.
2013-06-27 Wei Yongjun gianfar: add missing iounmap() on error in gianfar_ptp_...
2013-06-20 Sujith Manoharan ath9k: Use minstrel rate control by default
2013-06-20 Sujith Manoharan ath9k: Disable PowerSave by default
2013-06-20 Kees Cook b43: stop format string leaking into error msgs
2013-06-18 Kenneth Tateno net: wireless: bcmdhd: Enable flag QUEUE_BW for RBE
2013-06-13 Marc Yang net: wireless: sd8897/sd8797: Update WLAN/BT driver
2013-06-13 Marc Yang net: wireless: 8797/8897: Add SUSPEND/RESUME flags
2013-06-13 Marc Yang net: wireless: sd8797: Update SD8797 WLAN driver
2013-06-07 Wei Liu xen-netback: remove skb in xen_netbk_alloc_page
2013-06-06 Marc Yang net: wireless: add Marvel 8897 wireless cards support
2013-05-24 bibhayr net: wireless: bcm43241: enable P2P_DISCOVERY_WAR
2013-05-19 Francois Romieu r8169: fix vlan tag read ordering.
2013-05-19 Jiri Pirko macvlan: fix passthru mode race between dev removal...
2013-05-19 Sergei Shtylyov 3c59x: fix PCI resource management
2013-05-19 Sergei Shtylyov 3c59x: fix freeing nonexistent resource on driver unload
2013-05-19 Matthew Whitehead 3c509.c: call SET_NETDEV_DEV for all device types ...
2013-05-19 Ben Hutchings sfc: Fix naming of MTD partitions for FPGA bitfiles
2013-05-19 Bjørn Mork net: qmi_wwan: prevent duplicate mac address on link...
2013-05-19 Bjørn Mork net: qmi_wwan: fixup destination address (firmware...
2013-05-19 Bjørn Mork net: qmi_wwan: fixup missing ethernet header (firmware...
2013-05-19 Thommy Jakobsson B43: Handle DMA RX descriptor underrun
2013-05-19 Daniel Drake mwifiex: fix setting of multicast filter
2013-05-19 Bing Zhao mwifiex: clear is_suspended flag when interrupt is...
2013-05-19 Felix Fietkau ath9k: fix key allocation error handling for powersave...
2013-05-17 bibhayr net: wireless: bcmdhd: new driver version
2013-05-14 bibhayr bcmdhd: use kthread_run instead of kernel_thread
2013-05-13 Om Prakash Singh net: wireless: bcm4335: increase delay to avoid cmdTimeout
2013-05-13 Wei Ni brcmfmac: fix kthread_stop crash issue
2013-05-11 Stefan Bader r8169: fix 8168evl frame padding.
2013-05-11 Benjamin Herrenschmidt net/eth/ibmveth: Fixup retrieval of MAC address
2013-05-09 Mohan T net: wireless: bcmdhd: increase max cmd timeout count
2013-05-08 Jacob Keller ixgbe: fix EICR write in ixgbe_msix_other
2013-05-08 Richard Cochran gianfar: do not advertise any alarm capability.
2013-05-08 Yogesh Ashok Powar mwifiex: Call pci_release_region after calling pci_disa...
2013-05-08 Yogesh Ashok Powar mwifiex: Use pci_release_region() instead of a pci_rele...
2013-05-01 bonding: IFF_BONDING is not stripped on enslave failure
2013-05-01 bonding: fix bonding_masters race condition in bond...
2013-05-01 Hannes Frederic... atl1e: limit gso segment size to prevent generation...
2013-04-26 Rafał Miłecki ssb: implement spurious tone avoidance
2013-04-26 Felix Fietkau ath9k_hw: change AR9580 initvals to fix a stability...
2013-04-26 Felix Fietkau ath9k_htc: accept 1.x firmware newer than 1.3
2013-04-26 Christoph Fritz can: sja1000: fix handling on dt properties on little...
2013-04-25 Jeetesh Burman net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix Warning F1 Signature
2013-04-23 Nitin Bindal bcmdhd: Add 300 msec delay during chip power-off
2013-04-23 bibhayr bcmdhd: use firmware defined ampdu value on driver...
2013-04-18 Mursalin Akon Make firmware loading of R8169 optional
2013-04-17 Hayes Wang r8169: fix auto speed down issue
2013-04-15 Om Prakash Singh net: wireless: bcmdhd: add makefile for different chip
2013-04-15 Om Prakash Singh net: wireless: bcmdhd update from broadcom
2013-04-15 Nitin Bindal bcmdhd: use kthread_run instead of kernel_thread
2013-04-15 Om Prakash Singh net: wireless: bcmdhd: configure driver for low latency
2013-04-15 Kyeong Baek Kim net:wireless:bcmdhd: roam_off, disable block ack for...
2013-04-15 Narayan Reddy bcmdhd: fix race condition between p2p interface remova...
2013-04-12 Tim Gardner rt2x00: rt2x00pci_regbusy_read() - only print register...
2013-04-12 Greg Kroah-Hartman Revert "mwifiex: cancel cmd timer and free curr_cmd...
2013-04-05 Veaceslav Falico bonding: get netdev_rx_handler_unregister out of locks
2013-04-05 Steve Glendinning smsc75xx: fix jumbo frame support
2013-04-05 Veaceslav Falico pch_gbe: fix ip_summed checksum reporting on rx
2013-04-05 Max.Nekludov@us... ks8851: Fix interpretation of rxlen field.
2013-04-05 Joseph CHANG DM9000B: driver initialization upgrade
2013-04-05 Hannes Frederic... atl1e: drop pci-msi support because of packet corruption
2013-04-05 Mugunthan V N drivers: net: ethernet: cpsw: use netif_wake_queue...
2013-04-05 Mugunthan V N drivers: net: ethernet: davinci_emac: use netif_wake_qu...
2013-04-05 bonding: fix disabling of arp_interval and miimon
2013-04-05 bonding: fix miimon and arp_interval delayed work race...
2013-04-05 Veaceslav Falico bonding: remove already created master sysfs link on...