e1000: fix namespacecheck warnings
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net /
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: fix namespacecheck warnings
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: drop unused functionality for eeprom write/read
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: updated whitespace and comments
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: drop redunant line of code, cleanup
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: remove races when changing mtu
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: two workarounds were incomplete, fix them
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: fix tx waking queue after queue stopped during...
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: test link state conclusively
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: stop timers at appropriate times
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: use netif_tx_disable
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: remove unused functions
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: drop dead pcie code from e1000
2009-09-25 David S. Miller at91_can: Forgotten git 'add' of at91_can.c
2009-09-25 Sriram TI Davinci EMAC: Fix in vector definition for EMAC_VERS...
2009-09-25 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of ssh:///linux/kernel/git/rusty...
2009-09-24 Anton Vorontsov 3c59x: Get rid of "Trying to free already-free IRQ"
2009-09-24 Sebastian Haas ems_pci: fix size of CAN controllers BAR mapping for...
2009-09-24 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux...
2009-09-24 Alexey Dobriyan sysctl: remove "struct file *" argument of ->proc_handler
2009-09-24 Amit Shah virtio_net: Check for room in the vq before adding...
2009-09-24 Rusty Russell virtio_net: avoid (most) NETDEV_TX_BUSY by stopping...
2009-09-24 Rusty Russell virtio_net: formalize skb_vnet_hdr
2009-09-24 Rusty Russell virtio_net: don't free buffers in xmit ring
2009-09-24 Rusty Russell virtio_net: return NETDEV_TX_BUSY instead of queueing...
2009-09-24 Rusty Russell virtio_net: skb_orphan() and nf_reset() in xmit path.
2009-09-24 Li Zefan cpumask: use zalloc_cpumask_var() where possible
2009-09-23 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-09-23 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2009-09-23 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/rusty/linux-2.6-for...
2009-09-23 Vivek Natarajan ath9k: Initialize txgain and rxgain for newer AR9287...
2009-09-23 Stanislaw Gruszka iwlagn: fix panic in iwl{5000,4965}_rx_reply_tx
2009-09-23 Sujith ath9k: Fix RFKILL bugs
2009-09-23 Julia Lawall drivers/net/wireless: Use usb_endpoint_dir_out
2009-09-23 Randy Dunlap wl12xx: fix kconfig/link errors
2009-09-23 Andrew Price rt2x00: fix the definition of rt2x00crypto_rx_insert_iv
2009-09-23 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: reduce noise when skb allocation fails
2009-09-23 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: do not send sync command while holding spinlock
2009-09-23 Christian Lamparter ar9170usb: add usbid for TP-Link TL-WN821N v2
2009-09-23 Vivek Natarajan ath9k: Disable autosleep feature by default.
2009-09-23 Sujith ath9k: Fix regression in PA calibration
2009-09-23 Senthil Balasubram... ath9k: Fix bug in chain handling
2009-09-23 Vivek Natarajan ath9k: Fix AHB reset for AR9280
2009-09-23 Senthil Balasubram... ath9k: Adjust the chainmasks properly
2009-09-23 Vasanthakumar Thia... ath9k: Do a full reset for AR9280
2009-09-23 Vasanthakumar Thia... ath9k: Don't read NF when chip has gone through full...
2009-09-23 Vasanthakumar Thia... ath9k: Fix rx data corruption
2009-09-23 Sujith ath9k: Fix chip wakeup issue
2009-09-23 Sujith ath9k: Restore TSF after RESET
2009-09-23 Vivek Natarajan ath9k: Revamp PCIE workarounds
2009-09-23 Vivek Natarajan ath9k: Set default noise floor value for AR9287
2009-09-23 Larry Finger b43: Implement RFKILL status for LP PHY
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Remove BROKEN attribute from SDIO
2009-09-23 Albert Herranz b43: fix build error if !CONFIG_B43_LEDS
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Don't abuse wl->current_dev in the led work
2009-09-23 Thomas Ilnseher b43: Add LP PHY Analog Switch Support
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Disable PMQ mechanism
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Add optional verbose runtime statistics
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Fix IRQ sync for SDIO
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Fix SDIO interrupt handler deadlock
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Do not use _irqsafe callbacks
2009-09-23 Albert Herranz b43: Add Soft-MAC SDIO device support
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Rewrite suspend/resume code
2009-09-23 Christian Lamparter p54usb: add Zcomax XG-705A usbid
2009-09-23 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: disable powersave for 4965
2009-09-23 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: find the correct first antenna
2009-09-23 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: fix potential rx buffer loss
2009-09-23 Daniel C Halperin iwlwifi: fix HT operation in 2.4 GHz band
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Fix resume failure
2009-09-23 Luis R. Rodriguez wireless: default CONFIG_WLAN to y
2009-09-23 Sujith ath9k: Fix bug in ANI channel handling
2009-09-23 Michael Buesch b43: Force-wake queues on init
2009-09-23 Martin Decky hostap: Revert a toxic part of the conversion to net_de...
2009-09-23 Anton Vorontsov spi: prefix modalias with "spi:"
2009-09-23 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki walk system ram range
2009-09-23 Jan Beulich BUILD_BUG_ON(): fix it and a couple of bogus uses of it
2009-09-23 Brian Niebuhr USB: Fix CDC EEM host driver 'sentinel' CRC validation
2009-09-23 Fernando Luis Vazq... virtio: add virtio IDs file
2009-09-23 Rusty Russell virtio: make add_buf return capacity remaining
2009-09-22 Fabio Estevam fec: Add FEC support for MX25 processor
2009-09-22 Michael Chan cnic: Shutdown iSCSI ring during uio_close.
2009-09-22 Marc Kleine-Budde at91_can: add driver for Atmel's CAN controller on...
2009-09-22 Steve Glendinning smsc95xx: fix transmission where ZLP is expected
2009-09-22 Kusanagi Kouichi tun: Return -EINVAL if neither IFF_TUN nor IFF_TAP...
2009-09-22 Alan Jenkins 8139cp: fix duplicate loglevel in module load message
2009-09-22 Mike McCormack sky2: Set SKY2_HW_RAM_BUFFER in sky2_init
2009-09-22 jie.yang@atheros.com atl1c:remove compiling warning
2009-09-22 Julia Lawall drivers/net: remove duplicate structure field initializ...
2009-09-22 Kevin Cernekee kaweth: Fix memory leak in kaweth_control()
2009-09-22 Steve Glendinning smsc95xx: add additional USB product IDs
2009-09-22 Michal Simek net: xilinx_emaclite: Fix problem with first incoming...
2009-09-22 Dhananjay Phadke netxen: fix firmware init after resume
2009-09-22 Dhananjay Phadke netxen: fix minor tx timeout bug
2009-09-22 Jaswinder Singh... pcmcia: pcnet_cs.c removing useless condition
2009-09-21 Alexander Duyck igb: resolve namespacecheck warning for igb_hash_mc_addr
2009-09-21 Nelson, Shannon ixgbe: move rx queue RSC configuration to a separate...
2009-09-21 Nelson, Shannon ixgbe: Allow tx itr specific settings
2009-09-21 Don Skidmore ixgbe: fix sfp_timer clean up in ixgbe_down
2009-09-21 Sebastian Haas ems_usb: Added support for EMS CPC-USB/ARM7 CAN/USB...
2009-09-21 Florian Fainelli cpmac: fix compilation errors against undeclared BUS_ID...
2009-09-21 Joe Perches trivial: remove unnecessary semicolons