Merge branch 'master' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / wireless / wl12xx / wl1251_ps.c
2009-12-21 Kalle Valo wl1251: simplify ELP wakeup time calculation
2009-12-21 Kalle Valo wl1251: reduce ELP wakeup timeout
2009-11-18 Juuso Oikarinen wl1251: Implement delayed entry into ELP mode
2009-11-18 Juuso Oikarinen wl1251: Configure beacon filtering on if PSM used
2009-08-14 Kalle Valo wl1251: rename reg.h to wl1251_reg.h
2009-08-14 Kalle Valo wl1251: move wl1251_acx_wake_up_conditions() to wl1251_...
2009-08-14 Bob Copeland wl1251: separate bus i/o code into io.c
2009-07-10 Kalle Valo wl1251: use wl1251 prefix everywhere
2009-07-10 Kalle Valo wl1251: add wl1251 prefix to all 1251 files