Merge branch 'master' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / wireless / wl12xx / cmd.h
2011-06-27 Ido Yariv wl12xx: Support routing FW logs to the host
2011-04-19 Shahar Levi wl12xx: 1281/1283 support - New radio structs and functions
2011-02-09 Eliad Peller wl12xx: move to new firmware (
2011-01-24 Arik Nemtsov wl12xx: AP mode - encryption support
2011-01-24 Arik Nemtsov wl12xx: AP mode - init sequence
2011-01-24 Arik Nemtsov wl12xx: AP-mode high level commands
2010-12-15 Eliad Peller wl12xx: add auto-arp support
2010-11-26 Juuso Oikarinen wl1271: Fix setting of the hardware connection monitori...
2010-11-22 Gery Kahn wl1271: cleanup unused code of calibration structures
2010-11-22 Shahar Levi wl1271: Change wl12xx Files Names
2009-07-10 Kalle Valo wl1251: add wl1251 prefix to all 1251 files
2009-07-10 Juuso Oikarinen wl12xx: Use chipset specific join commands
2009-07-10 Kalle Valo wl12xx: cmd and acx interface rework
2009-05-06 Kalle Valo wl12xx: add driver