mac80211: move TX info into skb->cb
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / wireless / rtl8187_dev.c
2008-05-22 Johannes Berg mac80211: move TX info into skb->cb
2008-05-22 Johannes Berg mac80211: use rate index in TX control
2008-05-14 Bruno Randolf mac80211: use hardware flags for signal/noise units
2008-04-18 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/torvalds...
2008-04-15 Herton Ronaldo Krz... rtl8187: Add missing priv->vif assignments
2008-02-29 Johannes Berg rtl818x: fix RTS/CTS-less transmit
2008-02-29 Johannes Berg cfg80211 API for channels/bitrates, mac80211 and driver...
2008-02-21 Johannes Berg rtl818x: fix sparse warnings
2008-01-28 Johannes Berg mac80211: dont use interface indices in drivers
2008-01-28 Michael Wu Add rtl8180 wireless driver
2008-01-28 Johannes Berg wireless: make drivers include the TSF RX flag where...
2007-12-20 Matthias Mueller rtl8187: Add USB ID for Sitecom WL-168 v1 001
2007-10-26 Michael Wu [PATCH] rtl8187: Allow multicast frames
2007-10-18 Michael Wu [PATCH] rtl8187: remove NICMAC setting in configure_fil...
2007-10-18 Michael Wu [PATCH] rtl8187: Fix more frag bit checking, rts durati...
2007-10-10 Michael Wu [PATCH] rtl8187: Add device ID for HP wireless print...
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [PATCH] mac80211: revamp interface and filter configuration
2007-10-10 Joe Perches [NET]: Introduce and use print_mac() and DECLARE_MAC_BUF()
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: rework hardware crypto flags
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: remove IEEE80211_HW_DATA_NULLFUNC_ACK
2007-10-10 Daniel Drake [MAC80211]: improved short preamble handling
2007-08-06 Michael Wu [PATCH] rtl8187: ensure priv->hwaddr is always valid
2007-07-09 John W. Linville [PATCH] rtl8187: add header blocks and indicate origin...
2007-07-09 Michael Wu [PATCH] Add rtl8187 wireless driver