Merge branch 'master' of
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / wireless / iwlwifi / iwl-agn-ucode.c
2011-09-22 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of
2011-09-14 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: iwl-trans.c can't dereference iwl_priv any...
2011-09-14 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: remove priv dereferences from the transport...
2011-09-13 Johannes Berg iwlagn: fix stack corruption
2011-08-29 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: upper layer uses slabs to allocate tx cmds
2011-08-29 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: all function iwl-io.c receive iwl_bus
2011-08-29 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: iwl-dev.h doesn't include iwl-fh.h any more
2011-08-29 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: bus layer chooses its transport layer
2011-08-29 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: priv->mutex moves to iwl_shared
2011-08-29 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: Rename iwlcore prefix
2011-07-21 Johannes Berg iwlagn: implement WoWLAN
2011-07-21 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: transport layer receives struct iwl_trans*
2011-07-21 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: move more functions from the start flow to...
2011-07-21 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: radio sensor offset in le16 format
2011-07-21 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: set correct calibration flag
2011-07-21 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: add kick_nic API to transport layer
2011-07-16 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: add tx start API to transport layer
2011-07-16 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: move iwlagn_stop_device to transport layer
2011-07-11 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: provide heplers to access the transport ops
2011-07-11 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: remove the indirection for the dma channel num
2011-07-11 Emmanuel Grumbach iwlagn: consolidate the API that sends host commands...
2011-07-01 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: scd memory boundary
2011-06-11 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: merge duplicated code into single place
2011-06-11 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: generic temperature location in EEPROM
2011-06-11 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: use IWL_DEBUG_FW for firmware related debug msg
2011-06-11 Johannes Berg iwlagn: don't check ucode subtype
2011-05-13 Johannes Berg iwlagn: clean up TXQ indirection
2011-05-13 Johannes Berg iwlagn: prepare for multi-TB commands
2011-05-06 Cindy H. Kao iwlwifi: support the svtool messages interactions throu...
2011-04-22 Johannes Berg iwlagn: combine firmware code/data
2011-04-22 Johannes Berg iwlagn: implement synchronous firmware load
2011-04-08 Garen Tamrazian iwlagn: fix radar frame rejection
2011-04-07 Johannes Berg iwlagn: move IO functions out of line
2011-04-07 Johannes Berg iwlagn: fix ucode verify message
2011-04-07 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: check more error return code
2011-04-07 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: change Copyright to 2011
2011-04-07 Johannes Berg iwlagn: verify specific ucode
2011-04-07 Johannes Berg iwlagn: simplify ucode check code
2011-04-07 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: return send calibration result
2011-04-07 Johannes Berg iwlagn: remove pointless return variables
2011-04-07 Johannes Berg iwlagn: clean up ucode loading
2011-01-31 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: check ucode loading error and restart
2010-12-02 Grumbach, Emmanuel iwlagn: Enable PCI L1 ACTIVE state after uCode has...
2010-11-25 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: use mac80211 AC defines
2010-11-16 Johannes Berg iwlagn: fix PAN queues
2010-11-16 Johannes Berg iwlagn: fix some naming regarding FIFOs
2010-10-07 Shanyu Zhao iwlagn: add temperature offset calib for 6000g2
2010-10-07 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: clean up declarations
2010-10-06 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: reduce redundant parameter definitions
2010-09-03 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: open/close envlope to force move BT state machine
2010-08-27 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: define PAN queues/FIFOs
2010-08-27 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: prepare for PAN queue/fifo assignment
2010-08-25 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: generic bt coex functions
2010-08-25 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: parsing uart message and take actions
2010-08-25 Wey-Yi Guy iwlagn: wifi/bt coex configuration sequence
2010-05-13 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: move ucode related function to iwl-agn-ucode.c
2010-05-10 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: remove ucode virtual functions
2010-05-10 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: wimax co-exist code clean up
2010-04-16 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: more code clean up for agn devices
2010-04-16 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: more generic eeprom defines
2010-03-25 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: move ucode alive related code to separate...
2010-03-25 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: move hw related defines to separate file
2010-03-25 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: code cleanup for "load ucode" function
2010-03-25 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: move ucode loading related code to separated...