mac80211: move TX info into skb->cb
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / wireless / iwlwifi / iwl-3945.h
2008-05-22 Johannes Berg mac80211: move TX info into skb->cb
2008-05-14 Abhijeet Kolekar iwlwifi : Set monitor mode for 3945
2008-05-07 Guy Cohen iwlwifi: remove support for Narrow Channel (10Mhz)
2008-05-01 Guy Cohen iwlwifi: fix current channel is not scanned
2008-04-16 Ron Rindjunsky iwlwifi: arrange max number of Tx queues
2008-04-08 John W. Linville drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-3945.h: correct CONFIG...
2008-04-08 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: fix some warnings
2008-04-01 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: Fix synchronous host command
2008-03-27 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: iwl_priv - clean up in types of members
2008-03-27 Mohamed Abbas iwlwifi: Add led support
2008-03-13 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: update copyright year
2008-03-07 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: queue functions cleanup
2008-03-07 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: Take the fw file name from the iwl_cfg.
2008-03-07 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: add struct iwl_cfg
2008-03-07 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: extract iwl-csr.h
2008-03-06 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: Fix 52 rate report in rx status
2008-03-06 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: removing unused priv->config
2008-02-29 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: Add tx_ant_num hw setting variable
2008-02-29 Ron Rindjunsky iwlwifi: remove IWL{4965,3945}_QOS
2008-02-29 Johannes Berg cfg80211 API for channels/bitrates, mac80211 and driver...
2008-02-01 Gregory Greenman iwlwifi: Fix uCode error on association
2008-02-01 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: cleanup usage of inline functions
2008-01-28 Johannes Berg mac80211: dont use interface indices in drivers
2008-01-28 Zhu Yi iwlwifi: skip mac80211 conf during a hardware scan...
2008-01-28 Zhu Yi iwlwifi: proper monitor support
2008-01-28 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: remove HT code from iwl-3945.h
2008-01-28 Ron Rindjunsky iwlwifi: 802.11n add support to 8K A-MSDU Rx frames
2008-01-28 Zhu Yi iwlwifi: cache mac80211 conf setting during a hardware...
2008-01-28 Miguel Botón iwlwifi: remove redundant declaration of 'iwl3945_priv...
2008-01-28 Mohamed Abbas iwlwifi: enhance WPA authenication stability
2008-01-28 Ben Cahill iwlwifi: move HT_IE_EXT_CHANNEL_* driver definitions...
2008-01-28 Ben Cahill iwlwifi: clean up some unused definitions in iwl-4965...
2008-01-28 Ben Cahill iwlwifi: Add comments to some driver data structures
2008-01-28 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: continue namespace changes - fix CONFIG variables
2008-01-28 Christoph Hellwig iwlwifi: cleanup namespace
2008-01-28 Christoph Hellwig iwlwifi: cleanup Kconfig and ifdefs to split 3945 and...
2008-01-28 Christoph Hellwig iwlwifi: keep 3945 and 4965 headers separate
2008-01-28 Christoph Hellwig iwlwifi: mark more functions/variables static
2008-01-28 Ian Schram iwlwifi: rename iwl_eeprom_aqcuire_semaphore to _acquire_
2007-10-10 Zhu Yi [IWLWIFI]: add iwlwifi wireless drivers