Merge branch 'master' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / wireless / ath / ath9k / eeprom.h
2010-09-24 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-09-16 Rajkumar Manoharan ath9k_hw: remove warning in ath9k_hw_def_get_num_ant_config
2010-09-07 Vasanthakumar Thia... ath9k_hw: Add capability flag for Antenna diversity...
2010-08-31 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k_hw: fix parsing of HT40 5 GHz CTLs
2010-08-13 Rajkumar Manoharan ath9k_htc: load proper firmware for device ID 7015
2010-07-12 Felix Fietkau ath9k_hw: fix antenna diversity on AR9285
2010-06-14 Felix Fietkau ath9k_hw: add support for parsing PA predistortion...
2010-06-03 Sujith ath9k_hw: Cleanup TX power calculation for AR9287
2010-06-03 Sujith ath9k_hw: Optimize ath9k_hw_ar9287_set_board_values
2010-04-27 Felix Fietkau ath9k_hw: update EEPROM data structure for AR9280
2010-04-16 Senthil Balasubram... ath9k_hw: Implement AR9003 eeprom callbacks
2010-04-16 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k_hw: restore mac address reading logic
2010-04-16 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k_hw: rename eep_AR9287_ops to eep_ar9287_ops
2010-04-16 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k_hw: complete AR9003 calibration
2010-04-16 Senthil Balasubram... ath9k_hw: the eep_map is used only for AR9280 PCI card...
2009-10-07 Senthil Balasubram... ath9k: Fix bugs in handling TX power
2009-10-07 Senthil Balasubram... ath9k: Advertise midband for AR5416 devices
2009-10-07 Luis R. Rodriguez atheros: move bus ops to ath_common
2009-08-14 Sujith ath9k: Clean antenna configuration for 4K EEPROM chips
2009-08-14 Sujith ath9k: Split eeprom.c into manageable pieces
2009-08-14 Sujith ath9k: Try to fix whitespace damage
2009-08-04 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k: Remove _t postfix for ar9287_eeprom structure
2009-08-04 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k: describe hw initialization better
2009-07-27 Vivek Natarajan ath9k: Add support for AR9287 based chipsets.
2009-05-11 Vasanthakumar Thia... ath9k: Cleanup ineffective return values
2009-04-22 Johannes Berg cfg80211: clean up includes
2009-04-22 Luis R. Rodriguez atheros: put atheros wireless drivers into ath/