mlx4_core: CQ resizing should pass a 0 opcode modifier to MODIFY_CQ
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / mlx4 / qp.c
2007-11-20 Jack Morgenstein mlx4_core: Fix state check in mlx4_qp_modify()
2007-11-14 Jack Morgenstein mlx4_core: Fix thinko in QP destroy (incorrect bitmap_free)
2007-10-10 Roland Dreier mlx4_core: Fix section mismatches
2007-10-10 Roland Dreier mlx4_core: Don't free special QPs in QP number bitmap
2007-07-12 Jack Morgenstein IB/mlx4: Implement query QP
2007-07-09 Bill Nottingham drivers/net: fix comparisons of unsigned < 0
2007-05-09 Roland Dreier IB/mlx4: Add a driver Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand...