smsc95xx: Add module params to read MAC address
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / mlx4 / alloc.c
2011-03-23 Eli Cohen mlx4_core: maintain available field in bitmap allocator
2011-01-11 Ali Ayoub mlx4_core: Avoid vunmap() of invalid pointer if allocat...
2010-08-28 Akinobu Mita mlx4: use bitmap library
2010-08-18 Joe Perches drivers/net: Convert unbounded kzalloc calls to kcalloc
2009-12-16 Akinobu Mita mlx4: use bitmap_find_next_zero_area
2008-10-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-10-22 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_core: Support multiple pre-reserved QP regions
2008-10-10 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_core: Add QP range reservation support
2008-09-24 Andrew Morton drivers/net/mlx4/alloc.c needs mm.h
2008-07-25 Jack Morgenstein mlx4: Update/add Mellanox Technologies copyright lines...
2008-04-25 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_core: Add HW queues allocation helpers
2008-04-23 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_core: Move kernel doorbell management into core
2008-02-11 Olof Johansson mlx4_core: Fix build break (missing include)
2008-02-07 Roland Dreier mlx4_core: Clean up struct mlx4_buf
2008-02-07 Jack Morgenstein mlx4_core: For 64-bit systems, vmap() kernel queue...
2007-11-13 Ali Ayoub mlx4_core: Fix possible bad free in mlx4_buf_free()
2007-05-29 Roland Dreier IB/mlx4: Fix last allocated object tracking in bitmap...
2007-05-16 Al Viro missing includes in mlx4
2007-05-09 Roland Dreier IB/mlx4: Add a driver Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand...