net: wireless: bcmdhd: Enable wlan access on resume for all sdio functions
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / mdio.c
2011-04-29 David Decotigny ethtool: cosmetic: Use ethtool ethtool_cmd_speed API
2011-04-29 David Decotigny ethtool: Call ethtool's get/set_settings callbacks...
2009-10-13 Ben Hutchings mdio: Expose pause frame advertising flags to ethtool
2009-10-13 Ben Hutchings mdio: Advertise pause (flow control) settings even...
2009-09-04 Ben Hutchings netdev: Remove redundant checks for CAP_NET_ADMIN in...
2009-08-27 Ben Hutchings mdio: Check MDIO_STAT1_FAULT in mdio45_links_ok()
2009-06-26 Nicolas Reinecke mdio add missing GPL flag
2009-06-11 Ben Hutchings mdio: Expose 10GBASE-T MDI-X status via ethtool
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchings ethtool/mdio: Support backplane mode negotiation
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchings ethtool/mdio: Report MDIO mode support and link partner...
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchings mdio: Add mdio45_ethtool_spauseparam_an()
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchings mdio: Add generic MDIO (clause 45) support functions