ifb: add performance flags
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / fs_enet / mii-fec.c
2010-08-06 Grant Likely of/device: Replace struct of_device with struct platfor...
2010-05-22 Grant Likely of: Remove duplicate fields from of_platform_driver
2010-05-18 Grant Likely of: Always use 'struct device.of_node' to get device...
2010-02-27 Anatolij Gustschin fs_enet: Add support for MPC512x to fs_enet driver
2009-10-14 Anton Vorontsov net: Fix OF platform drivers coldplug/hotplug when...
2009-07-17 Wolfgang Denk fs_enet/mii-fec.c: fix MII speed calculation
2009-04-27 Grant Likely net: Rework fs_enet driver to use of_mdio infrastructure
2009-04-13 Alexander Beregalov drivers/net: replace BUG() with BUG_ON() if possible
2008-10-08 Lennert Buytenhek phylib: move to dynamic allocation of struct mii_bus
2008-10-08 Lennert Buytenhek phylib: rename mii_bus::dev to mii_bus::parent
2008-07-16 Kumar Gala fs_enet: Remove !CONFIG_PPC_CPM_NEW_BINDING code
2008-06-30 Stephen Rothwell drivers/net: Use linux/of_{device,platform}.h instead...
2008-05-06 Scott Wood fs_enet: Fix a memory leak in fs_enet_mdio_probe
2008-04-17 Andy Fleming phy: Change mii_bus id field to a string
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: sparse fixes
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: Be an of_platform device when CONFIG_PPC_CPM_N...
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: Whitespace cleanup.
2007-05-03 Jean Delvare PCI: Cleanup the includes of <linux/pci.h>
2007-02-14 Tim Schmielau [PATCH] remove many unneeded #includes of sched.h
2006-10-04 Dave Jones Remove all inclusions of <linux/config.h>
2006-08-19 Vitaly Bordug [PATCH] FS_ENET: use PAL for mii management