ehea: Use the standard logging functions
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / ehea / ehea_qmr.h
2010-10-13 Breno Leitao ehea: Fix a checksum issue on the receive path
2010-06-03 Eric Dumazet drivers/net: use __packed annotation
2010-04-22 Thomas Klein ehea: error handling improvement
2008-10-27 Thomas Klein ehea: Detect 16GB hugepages for firmware restriction
2008-10-22 Hannes Hering ehea: Fix memory hotplug support
2008-02-03 Doug Maxey ehea: fix qmr checkpatch complaints
2007-11-24 Thomas Klein ehea: Reworked rcv queue handling to log only fatal...
2007-10-10 Jan-Bernd Themann ehea: DLPAR memory add fix
2007-07-16 Thomas Klein eHEA: Introducing support vor DLPAR memory add
2007-04-28 Jan-Bernd Themann ehea: removing unused functionality
2007-04-28 Jan-Bernd Themann ehea: code cleanup
2007-04-28 Jan-Bernd Themann ehea: NAPI multi queue TX/RX path for SMP
2007-02-09 Jan-Bernd Themann ehea: Fixed error recovery
2006-09-13 Jan-Bernd Themann [PATCH] ehea: IBM eHEA Ethernet Device Driver