PCI: change device runtime PM settings for probe and remove
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / e1000e / hw.h
2010-05-13 Bruce Allan e1000e: add PCI device id to enable support for 82567V-4
2010-05-13 Bruce Allan e1000e: move settting of flow control refresh timer...
2010-05-13 Bruce Allan e1000e: fix checks for manageability enabled and manage...
2010-05-13 Bruce Allan e1000e: initialize manageability (IPMI) pass-through...
2010-01-14 Bruce Allan e1000e: genericize the update multicast address list
2010-01-14 Bruce Allan e1000e: provide MAC-family-specific function to set...
2010-01-14 Bruce Allan e1000e: use alternate MAC address on ESB2 if available
2010-01-08 Bruce Allan e1000e: perform 10/100 adaptive IFS only on parts that...
2009-12-09 Bruce Allan e1000e: only perform ESB2 MDIC workaround on certain...
2009-12-09 Bruce Allan e1000e: replace incorrect use of GG82563_REG macro
2009-12-03 Bruce Allan e1000e: refactor PHY ID detection workaround
2009-12-02 Bruce Allan e1000e: enable new 82567V-3 device
2009-12-02 Bruce Allan e1000e: provide family-specific PHY power up/down opera...
2009-12-02 Bruce Allan e1000e: provide family-specific functions to manage...
2009-11-21 Bruce Allan e1000e: update copyright information
2009-11-21 Bruce Allan e1000e: cleanup ops function pointers
2009-11-21 Bruce Allan e1000e: consolidate two dbug macros into one simpler one
2009-10-30 Bruce Allan e1000e: rework disable K1 at 1000Mbps for 82577/82578
2009-10-26 Bruce Allan e1000e: allow for swflag to be held over consecutive...
2009-07-04 Bruce Allan e1000e: disable K1 at 1000Mbps for 82577/82578
2009-06-09 Dave Graham e1000e: Fixes possible phy corrupton on 82571 designs.
2009-06-03 Bruce Allan e1000e: add support for 82577/82578 GbE LOM parts
2009-05-27 Alexander Duyck igb/e1000e: update PSSR_MDIX value to reflect correct bit
2009-03-25 Bruce Allan e1000e: add support for 82574 device ID 0x10F6
2009-03-20 Alexander Duyck e1000e: add support for 82583 device id
2009-02-11 dave graham e1000e: Serdes - attempt autoneg when link restored.
2009-01-26 Jesse Brandeburg e1000e: workaround hw errata
2008-11-22 Bruce Allan e1000e: sync change flow control variables with ixgbe
2008-11-22 Bruce Allan e1000e: ESB2 config after link up
2008-11-17 Alexander Duyck e1000e: enable ECC correction on 82571 silicon
2008-09-03 Bruce Allan e1000e: add support for new 82574L part
2008-09-03 Bruce Allan e1000e: add support for 82567LM-3 and 82567LF-3 (ICH10D...
2008-09-03 Bruce Allan e1000e: add support for the 82567LM-4 device
2008-05-06 Bruce Allan e1000e: Add support for BM PHYs on ICH9
2008-04-25 Bruce Allan e1000e: cleanup several stats issues
2008-04-17 Jeff Kirsher e1000e: Make arrays out of these Rx/Tx registers
2008-03-29 Jeff Kirsher e1000e: reorganize PHY and flow control interface
2008-03-29 Jeff Kirsher e1000e: rename mc_addr_list_update
2008-03-29 Bruce Allan e1000e: reformat comment blocks, cosmetic changes only
2008-02-24 Auke Kok e1000e: fix spelling errors in comments
2008-01-28 Al Viro e1000e endianness annotations
2008-01-28 Auke Kok e1000/e1000e: Move PCI-Express device IDs over to e1000e
2008-01-28 Bill Hayes e1000e: alternate MAC address support
2007-10-17 Auke Kok e1000e: Fix debug printk macro
2007-10-10 Auke Kok e1000e: fix debugging printout code
2007-10-10 Auke Kok [E1000E]: New pci-express e1000 driver (currently for...