e1000: do not modify tx_queue_len on link speed change
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / e1000 / e1000.h
2010-03-27 Emil Tantilov e1000: do not modify tx_queue_len on link speed change
2010-02-04 Nick Nunley e1000: Report link status in ethtool when interface...
2010-01-21 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: enhance frame fragment detection
2009-12-03 Alexander Duyck e1000: remove use of skb_dma_map from e1000 driver
2009-10-08 Ajit Khaparde e1000: Use the instance of net_device_stats from net_de...
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: drop dead pcie code from e1000
2009-07-07 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: implement jumbo receive with partial descriptors
2009-07-07 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: allow ethtool coalesece to adjust interrupts...
2009-01-21 Alexander Duyck e1000: drop lltx, remove unnecessary lock
2008-12-04 Wang Chen e1000: e1000_adapter->polling_netdev is useless
2008-09-25 Brandeburg, Jesse e1000: remove unused Kconfig option for disabling packe...
2008-07-22 Taku Izumi e1000: make ioport free
2008-07-22 Francois Romieu e1000: delete non NAPI code from the driver
2008-07-22 Joe Perches e1000: checkpatch clean
2008-07-22 Joe Perches e1000: Remove spaces after casts and function names
2008-07-22 Joe Perches e1000: Move extern function definitions to e1000.h
2008-04-17 Joe Perches e1000: convert uint16_t style integers to u16
2008-03-26 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: remove irq_sem
2008-03-26 Joe Perches e1000: Convert boolean_t to bool
2007-10-30 Stephen Hemminger e1000: sparse warnings fixes
2007-10-10 Stephen Hemminger [NET]: Make NAPI polling independent of struct net_devi...
2007-05-18 Auke Kok e1000: Fix msi enable leak on error, don't print error...
2007-04-28 Milind Arun Choudhary e1000: ROUND_UP macro cleanup in drivers/net/e1000
2007-02-17 Kok, Auke e1000: remove obsolete custom pci_save_state code
2007-02-05 Arjan van de Ven remove NETIF_F_TSO ifdefery
2007-02-05 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: Fix MSI only interrupt handler routine
2006-12-02 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: add dynamic itr modes
2006-12-02 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: add queue restart counter
2006-12-02 Auke Kok e1000: FIX: enable hw TSO for IPV6
2006-09-27 Auke Kok e1000: driver state fixes (race fix)
2006-09-27 Nicholas Nunley e1000: remove unused code and make symbols static
2006-09-27 Auke Kok e100, e1000, ixgb: update copyright header and remove...
2006-08-31 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: unify WoL capability detection code
2006-08-28 Auke Kok e1000: remove unused part_num reading code
2006-08-28 Auke Kok e1000: Whitespace cleanup, cosmetic changes
2006-07-14 Auke Kok e1000: fix panic on large frame receive when mtu=default
2006-07-05 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream' of git://lost.foo-projects...
2006-06-30 Jörn Engel Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>
2006-06-27 Auke Kok e1000: integrate ich8 support into driver
2006-06-27 Auke Kok e1000: add smart power down code
2006-06-27 Auke Kok e1000: rework driver hardware reset locking
2006-04-15 Auke Kok e1000: Version bump, contact fix, year string change
2006-04-15 Auke Kok e1000: Buffer optimizations for small MTU
2006-04-15 Auke Kok e1000: Made an adapter struct variable into a local...
2006-03-12 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] drivers/net/e1000/: proper prototypes
2006-03-03 Jeff Kirsher e1000: Added driver comments and whitespace changes...
2006-03-03 Jeff Kirsher e1000: Fixed the following issues with ESB2 (requires...
2006-03-03 Jeff Kirsher e1000: Fix network problems when forced at 100Mb/s...
2006-03-03 Jeff Kirsher e1000: Fix Quadport Wake on LAN
2006-03-03 Jeff Kirsher e1000: Remove Multiqueue code until we have support...
2006-03-01 Jeff Kirsher [PATCH] e1000: revert to single descriptor for legacy...
2006-01-17 Jeff Kirsher [PATCH] e1000: Added cleaned_count to RX buffer allocation
2006-01-17 Jeff Kirsher [PATCH] e1000: Fix TX queue length based on link speed
2006-01-17 Jeff Kirsher [PATCH] e1000: Fix mulitple queues
2006-01-17 Jeff Kirsher [PATCH] e1000: Fix adapter structure and prepare for...
2006-01-17 Jeff Kirsher [PATCH] Fix e1000 stats
2006-01-17 Jeff Kirsher [PATCH] e1000: General Fixes
2005-12-13 Jeff Kirsher e1000: Fixes for 8357x
2005-10-04 Mallikarjuna R Chi... e1000: Fixes for packet split related issues
2005-10-04 Mallikarjuna R Chi... e1000: multi-queue defines/modification to data structures
2005-06-27 Malli Chilakala [PATCH] e1000: Cleanup debug message printed when Tx...
2005-06-27 Malli Chilakala [PATCH] e1000: Use correct WOL settings for 82544 adapters
2005-05-13 Malli Chilakala [PATCH] e1000:Driver version,white space,comments,device id
2005-05-13 Malli Chilakala [PATCH] e1000:82573 specific code & packet split code
2005-05-13 Malli Chilakala [PATCH] e1000: MSI support for PCI-e adapters
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2