sfc: 10Xpress: Report support for pause frames
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / bnx2_fw.h
2009-04-04 Michael Chan bnx2: Use request_firmware()
2009-02-13 Michael Chan bnx2: Update 5706/5708 firmware.
2008-10-09 Michael Chan bnx2: Update 5706/5708 firmware.
2008-05-17 Benjamin Li bnx2: Pre-initialize struct cpu_reg.
2008-02-01 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Update firmware.
2008-01-28 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Update firmware to support S/G RX buffers.
2007-10-10 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Optimize firmware loading.
2007-10-10 Denys Vlasenko [BNX2]: factor out gzip unpacker
2007-05-03 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Update 5708 firmware.
2006-12-03 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Re-organize firmware structures.
2006-12-03 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Fix Xen problem.
2006-06-18 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Use compressed firmware
2006-03-04 Arjan van de Ven Massive net driver const-ification.
2006-01-24 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Update version and copyright year
2006-01-24 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Fix UDP checksum verification
2005-11-06 Michael Chan [PATCH] bnx2: update firmware for 5708
2005-05-26 Michael Chan [BNX2]: New Broadcom gigabit network driver.