usb: cdc_ether: Add new product id for the 5AE profile
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / atl1c / atl1c_hw.c
2011-01-21 fran├žois romieu atl1c: remove private #define.
2010-11-21 Ben Hutchings atl1c: Fix hardware type check for enabling OTP CLK
2010-08-28 Julia Lawall drivers/net/atl1c: Remove double test
2010-06-01 Jie Yang atl1c: Add AR8151 v2 support and change L0s/L1 routine
2010-02-16 Luis R. Rodriguez atl1c: Add support for Atheros AR8152 and AR8152
2009-02-19 Jie Yang atl1c: Atheros L1C Gigabit Ethernet driver