ds2760_battery: add rated_capacity module parameter
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mtd /
2009-06-22 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git.infradead.org/mtd-2.6
2009-06-17 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'linux-next' of git://git.infradead.org...
2009-06-16 Amul Saha mtd: OneNAND: Allow setting of boundary information...
2009-06-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-06-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2009-06-12 Pavel Machek trivial: Kconfig: .ko is normally not included in modul...
2009-06-12 Paulius Zaleckas trivial: mtd: fix Kconfig comment about 'armflash'
2009-06-11 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-2.6.31' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux...
2009-06-10 Kevin Cernekee UBI: add reboot notifier
2009-06-10 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: handle more error codes
2009-06-10 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: fix multiple spelling typos
2009-06-10 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: fix kmem_cache_free on error patch
2009-06-09 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: print amount of reserved PEBs
2009-06-09 Atsushi Nemoto mtd: nand: Fix memory leak on txx9ndfmc probe failure.
2009-06-08 Russell King Merge branch 'for-rmk' of git://git.marvell.com/orion...
2009-06-08 Nicolas Pitre mtd: orion_nand: use burst reads with double word accesses
2009-06-08 Peter Korsgaard mtd/nand: s3c6400 support for s3c2410 driver
2009-06-08 David Woodhouse Merge branch 'next-mtd' of git://aeryn.fluff.org.uk...
2009-06-08 Ben Dooks [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Use DIV_ROUND_UP
2009-06-08 Ben Dooks [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Deal with unaligned lengths in...
2009-06-08 Michel Pollet [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Allow the machine code to get...
2009-06-08 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: improve messages in the WL worker
2009-06-06 Stefan Roese mtd: physmap_of: Add multiple regions and concatenation...
2009-06-05 Roel Kluin mtd: nand: max_retries off by one in mxc_nand
2009-06-05 Peter Korsgaard mtd: nand: s3c2410_nand_setrate(): use correct macros...
2009-06-05 Kevin Hilman mtd: davinci nand: update clock naming
2009-06-05 Kyungmin Park mtd: onenand: add bbt_wait ...
2009-06-05 Rohit Hagargundgi mtd: Flex-OneNAND support
2009-06-05 Vimal Singh mtd: nand: add OMAP2/OMAP3 NAND driver
2009-06-05 Mike Frysinger mtd: maps: Blackfin async: fix memory leaks in probe...
2009-06-05 Mike Frysinger mtd: uclinux: mark local stuff static
2009-06-05 Mike Frysinger mtd: uclinux: do not allow to be built as a module
2009-06-05 Mike Frysinger mtd: uclinux: allow systems to override map addr/size
2009-06-05 Cliff Cai mtd: blackfin NFC: fix hang when using NAND on BF527...
2009-06-05 Mike Frysinger mtd: blackfin NFC: remove pointless return value in...
2009-06-05 Simon Polette mtd: add on-flash BBT support for Atmel NAND driver
2009-06-05 Vladimir Barinov mtd: MXC NAND support for 2KiB page size flashes
2009-06-05 H Hartley Sweeten mtd: plat_nand: allow platform to set partitions
2009-06-05 H Hartley Sweeten mtd: plat_nand: add platform probe/remove callbacks
2009-06-05 Shane McDonald mtd: remove pmcmsp-ramroot.c
2009-06-05 Mika Korhonen mtd: OneNAND: add missing __devexit_p
2009-06-05 Lennert Buytenhek mtd: m25p80: add support for Macronix MX25L12805D
2009-06-05 Daniel Ribeiro mtd: CFI 1.0 and CFI 1.1
2009-06-05 Daniel Ribeiro mtd: CFI: quirk for PF38F4476.
2009-06-05 Alexander Clouter mtd: extend plat_nand for (read|write)_buf
2009-06-05 Michał Mirosław mtd: add SST39SF040 chip to jedec_probe
2009-06-05 David Brownell mtd: davinci_nand: cmdlinepart uses MTD IDs
2009-06-05 Adrian Hunter mtd: OneNAND: add support for OneNAND manufactured...
2009-06-05 Matthieu CASTET mtd: m25p80 nand: add m45pe10 ids
2009-06-05 Magnus Lilja mtd: mxc_nand: add correct dev_id parameter to free_irq...
2009-06-05 Vimal Singh mtd: nand: fix 512 byte software ecc support
2009-06-05 David Brownell mtd: nand: davinci_nand, 4-bit ECC for smallpage
2009-06-05 David Brownell mtd: nand: minor davinci_nand cleanup
2009-06-05 David Brownell mtd: nand: don't walk past end of oobfree[]
2009-06-05 Thomas Chou mtd: plat_nand: fix section error
2009-06-03 Dmitry Pervushin UBI: make gluebi a separate module
2009-06-02 Dmitry Pervushin UBI: remove built-in gluebi
2009-06-02 Dmitry Pervushin UBI: add notification API
2009-06-02 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: do not switch to R/O mode on read errors
2009-06-02 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: fix and clean-up error paths in WL worker
2009-06-02 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: introduce new constants
2009-05-30 Andy Green [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Allow commandline partition proce...
2009-05-30 Andy Green [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Fix CFG debug order
2009-05-30 Nelson Castillo [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Uninitialised variable cleanup
2009-05-30 Andy Green [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: NAND ECC by chip rather than...
2009-05-30 Ben Dooks [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Basic kerneldoc comment updates
2009-05-30 Ben Dooks [MTD] [NAND] S3C2410: Move to using platform device...
2009-05-29 David Woodhouse mtd: Fix pointer handling in compat ioctls to use compa...
2009-05-29 Kevin Cernekee mtd: Handle compat ioctls directly; remove all trace...
2009-05-29 Kevin Cernekee mtd: add OOB ioctls for >4GiB devices
2009-05-29 Kevin Cernekee mtd: compat_ioctl cleanup
2009-05-29 Kevin Cernekee mtd: add MEMERASE64 ioctl for >4GiB devices
2009-05-29 David Woodhouse mtd: Fix handling of mtdname in txx9ndfmc.c
2009-05-29 Catalin Marinas mtd: Add armflash support for multiple blocks of flash
2009-05-29 David Woodhouse mtd: DIL/NetPC broken for now
2009-05-29 Vladimir Barinov mtd: MXC NAND driver fixes (v5)
2009-05-28 Kevin Hilman OMAP2/3: PM: push core PM code from linux-omap
2009-05-26 David Woodhouse [MTD] Remove option for add_mtd_partitions() to not...
2009-05-26 David Woodhouse [MTD] Only set partition suspend/resume method if paren...
2009-05-26 David Woodhouse [MTD] Remove mtd->{suspend,resume} calls from board...
2009-05-26 David Woodhouse [MTD] Restore suspend/resume support for mtd devices
2009-05-26 David Woodhouse [MTD] set blkdev parent to the mtd device, not its...
2009-05-26 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: fix race condition
2009-05-22 Martin K. Petersen block: Do away with the notion of hardsect_size
2009-05-22 Jens Axboe Merge branch 'master' into for-2.6.31
2009-05-18 Peter Korsgaard mtd_dataflash: unbreak erase support
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: minor serialization fix
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: do not panic if volume check fails
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: add dump_stack in checking code
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: fix races in I/O debugging checks
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: small debugging code optimization
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: improve debugging messages
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: re-name volumes_mutex to device_mutex
2009-05-18 Artem Bityutskiy UBI: remove redundant mutex
2009-05-11 Tejun Heo block: implement and enforce request peek/start/fetch
2009-05-11 Tejun Heo mtd_blkdevs: dequeue in-flight request
2009-05-11 Tejun Heo block: blk_rq_[cur_]_{sectors|bytes}() usage cleanup
2009-05-11 Tejun Heo block: convert to pos and nr_sectors accessors
2009-05-09 Al Viro Convert obvious places to deactivate_locked_super()
2009-05-09 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git.infradead.org/mtd-2.6