drm/vmwgfx: Don't send bad flags to the host
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mtd / nand / nand_ecc.c
2009-09-19 Atsushi Nemoto mtd: nand: add __nand_correct_data helper function
2009-06-05 Vimal Singh mtd: nand: fix 512 byte software ecc support
2008-08-25 Singh, Vimal [MTD] [NAND] nand_ecc.c: adding support for 512 byte ecc
2008-08-20 Alexey Korolev [MTD] [NAND] Fix missing kernel-doc
2008-08-20 frans [MTD] [NAND] nand_ecc.c: fix big endian, strengthen...
2008-08-16 David Woodhouse [MTD] [NAND] Minor cleanup of nand_ecc.c
2008-08-16 frans [MTD] [NAND] nand_ecc.c: rewrite for improved performance
2008-06-04 Adrian Bunk MTD/JFFS2: remove CVS keywords
2007-10-20 Jörn Engel [MTD] [NAND] Replace -1 with -EBADMSG in nand error...
2006-11-29 Timo Lindhorst [MTD] [NAND] fix ifdef option in nand_ecc.c
2006-06-29 Randy Dunlap MTD: fix all kernel-doc warnings
2006-05-23 Thomas Gleixner [MTD] Improve software ECC calculation
2006-05-13 David Woodhouse [MTD NAND] Indent all of drivers/mtd/nand/*.c.
2005-11-07 Thomas Gleixner [MTD] NAND: Clean up trailing white spaces
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2