[WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Add CFLAGS to get driver working
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mmc /
2008-06-13 Chuck Ebbert mmc: wbsd: initialize tasklets before requesting interrupt
2008-06-05 Ben Collins mmc: Fix crash in mmc_block on 64-bit
2008-05-21 Al Viro missing dependencies on HAS_DMA
2008-05-19 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-05-17 Marc Pignat at91_mci: minor cleanup
2008-05-14 Pierre Ossman mmc: mmc host test driver
2008-05-14 Tony Lindgren mmc: Fix omap compile by replacing dev_name with dma_de...
2008-05-13 Harvey Harrison mmc: make one-bit signed bitfields unsigned
2008-05-04 Linus Walleij [ARM] 5024/1: Fix some minor clk issues in the MMCI...
2008-04-29 Linus Torvalds Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison mmc: use get/put_unaligned_* helpers
2008-04-28 Linus Walleij [ARM] 5022/1: Race in ARM MMCI PL18x driver, V2
2008-04-18 Adrian Bunk mmc: sdio_ops.c should #include "sdio_ops.h"
2008-04-18 Adrian Bunk mmc: proper prototypes for mmc_attach_*()
2008-04-18 Adrian Bunk mmc: make __mmc_release_bus() static
2008-04-18 Pierre Ossman sdhci: improve no card, no reset quirk
2008-04-18 Jarkko Lavinen MMC: OMAP: Do not busy wait for end of command for...
2008-04-18 Jarkko Lavinen MMC: OMAP: Start new commands from work queue instead...
2008-04-18 Jarkko Lavinen MMC: OMAP: Lazy clock shutdown
2008-04-18 Jarkko Lavinen MMC: OMAP: Move failing command abortion to workqueue
2008-04-18 Jarkko Lavinen MMC: OMAP: Use tasklet instead of workqueue for cover...
2008-04-18 Kyungmin Park MMC: OMAP: Check the get_cover_state function pointer...
2008-04-18 Carlos Eduardo Aguiar MMC: OMAP: Using setup_timer instead of init_timer
2008-04-18 Jarkko Lavinen MMC: OMAP: Abort stuck commands
2008-04-18 Juha Yrjola MMC: OMAP: General cleanup for MMC multislot support
2008-04-18 Juha Yrjola MMC: OMAP: Power functions modified to MMC multislot...
2008-04-18 Juha Yrjola MMC: OMAP: Fix timeout calculation for MMC multislot...
2008-04-18 Juha Yrjola MMC: OMAP: New release dma and abort xfer functions
2008-04-18 Juha Yrjola MMC: OMAP: Add back cover switch support
2008-04-18 Juha Yrjola MMC: OMAP: Introduce new multislot structure and change...
2008-04-18 Tony Lindgren MMC: OMAP: Remove cover switch handling to allow adding...
2008-04-18 Francisco Alecrim MMC: OMAP: Fix the BYTEBLOCK capability removal
2008-04-18 Tony Lindgren MMC: OMAP: Remove extra divisor increase
2008-04-18 Carlos Eduardo Aguiar MMC: OMAP: Remove some opcodes from host driver
2008-04-18 Robert P. J. Day mmc: use shorter, equivalent set_current_state()
2008-04-18 Pierre Ossman sdhci: allow led to be controlled freely
2008-04-18 Pierre Ossman sdhci: remove custom controller name
2008-04-18 Pierre Ossman mmc: set controller name early
2008-04-16 Kay Sievers mmc: fix platform driver hotplug/coldplug
2008-03-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: use sysfs groups to handle conditional attributes
2008-03-15 Roel Kluin tifm_sd: DATA_CARRY is not boolean in tifm_sd_transfer_...
2008-02-08 Frank Seidel mmc: extend ricoh_mmc to support Ricoh RL5c476
2008-02-08 David Brownell at91_mci: use generic GPIO calls
2008-02-08 Feng Tang sdhci: add num index for multi controllers case
2008-02-08 Pierre Ossman mmc: remove sdhci and mmc_spi experimental markers
2008-02-08 Philip Langdale mmc: Handle suspend/resume in Ricoh MMC disabler
2008-01-28 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'blk-end-request' of git://git.kernel...
2008-01-28 Russell King Merge branch 'pxa-plat' into devel
2008-01-28 Kiyoshi Ueda blk_end_request: changing mmc (take 4)
2008-01-27 David Brownell i2c/tps65010: move header to <linux/i2c/...>
2008-01-26 Bridge Wu [ARM] pxa: mmc: add 1st host controller support for...
2008-01-26 Bridge Wu [ARM] 4711/1: pxa: mmc: move DMA specific code to platf...
2008-01-26 Bridge Wu [ARM] 4709/1: pxa: mmc: add 26MHz support for pxa3...
2007-12-12 Pierre Ossman sdhci: support JMicron JMB38x chips
2007-12-12 Pierre Ossman sdhci: use PIO when DMA can't satisfy the request
2007-12-12 Pierre Ossman sdhci: don't warn about sdhci 2.0 controllers
2007-12-12 Pierre Ossman sdhci: describe quirks
2007-12-05 Marc Pignat spi: use simplified spi_sync() calling convention
2007-11-29 Andre Haupt sdio_uart: fix sign of paramter status in sdio_uart_rec...
2007-11-27 Haavard Skinnemoen mmc: Add missing sg_init_table() call
2007-11-21 David Woodhouse mmc: Avoid re-using minor numbers before the original...
2007-11-21 Alex Dubov tifm_sd: handle non-power-of-2 block sizes
2007-11-21 Pierre Ossman mmc_block: check card state after write
2007-11-10 Rolf Eike Beer Add missing "\n" to log message
2007-11-08 Roland Dreier mmc: Fix sg helper copy-and-paste error
2007-11-02 Adrian Bunk cleanup asm/scatterlist.h includes
2007-10-31 Russell King [ARM] Fix pxamci regression
2007-10-29 Pavel Pisa Correction of "Update drivers to use sg helpers" patch...
2007-10-28 Al Viro scatterlist fallout: mmc
2007-10-27 David Brownell mmc_spi: Fix mmc-over-spi regression
2007-10-27 Pierre Ossman mmc: use common byte swap macros
2007-10-27 Pierre Ossman mmc: fix cid and csd byte order
2007-10-27 Pierre Ossman at91_mci: Fix bad reference
2007-10-24 Jens Axboe mmc: sg fallout
2007-10-23 Ralf Baechle [PATCH] Fix breakage after SG cleanups
2007-10-23 Emil Medve mmc: fix sg->page fallout
2007-10-22 Jens Axboe [SG] Update drivers to use sg helpers
2007-10-17 Andrew Victor mmc: at91_mci: cleanup: use MCI_ERRORS
2007-10-17 Florin Malita mmc: possible leak in mmc_read_ext_csd
2007-10-17 Al Viro missing include in mmc
2007-10-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.dk/data...
2007-10-16 Tony Jones spi doesn't need class_device
2007-10-16 Jens Axboe mmc: need to zero sglist on init
2007-10-15 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'devel' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2007-10-14 David Brownell Fix compile while compiling drivers/mmc/host/mmc_spi...
2007-10-14 Al Viro uevent environment changes fallout
2007-10-12 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2007-10-12 Kay Sievers Driver core: change add_uevent_var to use a struct
2007-10-12 Pierre Ossman mmc: use correct unregister function for led trigger
2007-10-12 Russell King [ARM] pxa: update PXA MMC interface driver to use clk...
2007-10-11 Nicolas Pitre mmc: don't use weight32()
2007-10-10 Nicolas Pitre pxamci: support arbitrary block size
2007-10-06 Nicolas Pitre sdio: make the IRQ thread more resilient in the presenc...
2007-10-06 Nicolas Pitre sdio: fix IRQ diagnostic message
2007-10-03 Pierre Ossman sdhci: remove old dma module params
2007-10-03 Feng Tang sdhci: add SDHCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_DMA quirk
2007-10-03 Feng Tang sdhci: remove DMA capability check from controller...
2007-10-03 Nicolas Pitre sdhci: fix a typo
2007-10-03 Philip Langdale mmc: Disabler for Ricoh MMC controller
2007-09-27 Pierre Ossman sdio: adaptive interrupt polling