Merge git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mmc / core /
2010-03-24 Adrian Hunter mmc: fix incorrect interpretation of card type bits
2010-03-12 Albert Herranz sdio: recognize io card without powercycle
2010-03-06 Daniel Drake sdio: put active devices into 1-bit mode during suspend
2010-03-06 Nicolas Pitre sdio: kick the interrupt thread upon a resume
2010-03-06 Chris Ball sdio: don't use CMD[357] as part of a powered SDIO...
2010-03-06 Nicolas Pitre sdio: introduce API for special power management features
2010-03-06 Bing Zhao sdio: add quirk to clamp byte mode transfer
2010-01-11 Adrian Hunter mmc: allow for MMC v4.4
2009-12-17 Matt Fleming sdio: initialise SDIO functions and update card->sdio_f...
2009-12-17 Daniel Drake sdio: fix reference counting in sdio_remove_func()
2009-12-15 Ben Hutchings mmc: add module parameter to set whether cards are...
2009-12-15 Albert Herranz sdio: rework cis tuple parsing
2009-10-08 David Vrabel mmc: sdio: don't require CISTPL_VERS_1 to contain 4...
2009-10-01 Albert Herranz sdio: pass whitelisted cis funce tuples to sdio drivers
2009-10-01 Alexey Dobriyan const: constify remaining file_operations
2009-09-23 Nicolas Pitre mmc: make SDIO device/driver struct accessors public
2009-09-23 Nicolas Pitre mmc: propagate error codes back from bus drivers' suspe...
2009-09-23 Nicolas Pitre mmc: core SDIO suspend/resume support
2009-09-23 Wolfgang Muees mmc_spi: fail gracefully if host or card do not support...
2009-09-23 Ohad Ben-Cohen sdio: add MMC_QUIRK_LENIENT_FN0
2009-09-23 Roel Kluin sdio: fix read buffer overflow
2009-09-23 Ohad Ben-Cohen sdio: add CD disable support
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: check status after MMC SWITCH command
2009-09-23 Denis Karpov mmc: power off once at removal
2009-09-23 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: add mmc card sleep and awake support
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add ability to save power by powering off cards
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add MMC_CAP_NONREMOVABLE host capability
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: allow host claim / release nesting
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add 'enable' and 'disable' methods to mmc host
2009-09-23 Ohad Ben-Cohen sdio: do not ignore MMC_VDD_165_195
2009-09-23 Balaji Rao mmc: in mmc_power_up(), use previously selected ocr...
2009-09-15 David Brownell driver model: constify attribute groups
2009-06-13 Sascha Hauer MMC core: limit minimum initialization frequency to...
2009-06-13 Jorg Schummer mmc: mmc_rescan detects card change in one run
2009-05-03 José M. Fernández mmc: increase power up delay
2009-04-08 Wolfgang Muees mmc_spi: do not check CID and CSD blocks with CRC16
2009-04-08 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: Accept EXT_CSD rev 1.3 since it is backwards compa...
2009-04-05 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-03-31 David Brownell MMC: regulator utilities
2009-03-24 Wolfgang Muees mmc_spi: allow higher timeouts for SPI mode
2009-03-24 Balaji Rao mmc: During unsafe resume, select the right volatge...
2009-03-24 Pierre Ossman sdio: check that addresses are within the address space
2009-03-24 Pierre Ossman sdio: handle null tuples
2009-03-24 Pierre Ossman sdio: handle cis end marker in link field
2009-03-24 Adrian Hunter mmc: Add Extended CSD register to debugfs
2009-03-24 Andy Whitcroft mmc: add MODALIAS linkage for MMC/SD devices
2009-03-24 Jorg Schummer mmc: delayed_work was never cancelled
2009-03-08 Adrian Hunter mmc: fix data timeout for SEND_EXT_CSD
2008-12-31 David Brownell mmc: warn about voltage mismatches
2008-12-31 Anton Vorontsov mmc: Add mmc_vddrange_to_ocrmask() helper function
2008-12-31 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: Add 8-bit bus width support
2008-11-08 Kay Sievers mmc: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name(...
2008-11-08 Pierre Ossman mmc: increase SD write timeout for crappy cards
2008-10-12 Matthew Fleming MMC: CSD and CID timeout values
2008-10-12 Pierre Ossman sdio: high-speed support
2008-10-12 Pierre Ossman sdio: give sdio irq thread a host specific name
2008-10-12 Pierre Ossman sdio: make sleep on error interruptable
2008-08-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: properly iterate over sg list in debug check
2008-07-26 Haavard Skinnemoen mmc: Add per-card debugfs support
2008-07-26 Haavard Skinnemoen mmc: Export internal host state through debugfs
2008-07-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-07-15 Tomas Winkler sdio: sdio_io.c Fix sparse warnings
2008-07-15 Benzi Zbit sdio: fix the use of hard coded timeout value.
2008-07-15 Tomas Winkler mmc: fix sdio_io sparse errors
2008-07-15 Pierre Ossman sdio: clean up handling of byte mode transfer size
2008-07-15 Pierre Ossman mmc,sdio: helper function for transfer padding
2008-07-15 Deepak Saxena MMC: Trivial comment cleanup
2008-07-15 Anton Vorontsov mmc: change .get_ro() callback semantics
2008-07-15 Anton Vorontsov mmc: add support for card-detection polling
2008-04-18 Adrian Bunk mmc: sdio_ops.c should #include "sdio_ops.h"
2008-04-18 Adrian Bunk mmc: proper prototypes for mmc_attach_*()
2008-04-18 Adrian Bunk mmc: make __mmc_release_bus() static
2008-04-18 Robert P. J. Day mmc: use shorter, equivalent set_current_state()
2008-04-18 Pierre Ossman mmc: set controller name early
2008-03-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: use sysfs groups to handle conditional attributes
2007-11-02 Adrian Bunk cleanup asm/scatterlist.h includes
2007-10-27 Pierre Ossman mmc: use common byte swap macros
2007-10-27 Pierre Ossman mmc: fix cid and csd byte order
2007-10-17 Florin Malita mmc: possible leak in mmc_read_ext_csd
2007-10-14 Al Viro uevent environment changes fallout
2007-10-12 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2007-10-12 Kay Sievers Driver core: change add_uevent_var to use a struct
2007-10-12 Pierre Ossman mmc: use correct unregister function for led trigger
2007-10-06 Nicolas Pitre sdio: make the IRQ thread more resilient in the presenc...
2007-10-06 Nicolas Pitre sdio: fix IRQ diagnostic message
2007-09-27 Pierre Ossman sdio: adaptive interrupt polling
2007-09-24 Pierre Ossman mmc: add led trigger
2007-09-23 David Brownell MMC core learns about SPI
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: store vendor strings
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: increase power up delay
2007-09-23 David Vrabel sdio: add sdio_f0_readb() and sdio_f0_writeb()
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: replace BUG_ON with WARN_ON
2007-09-23 Mariusz Kozlowski sdio: kmalloc + memset conversion to kzalloc
2007-09-23 David Vrabel sdio: extend sdio_readsb() and friends to handle any...
2007-09-23 David Vrabel sdio: set the functions' block size
2007-09-23 David Vrabel sdio: add SDIO_FBR_BASE(f) macro
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: fix sdio timeout calculation
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: fix incorrect divisor in debug output
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: enable wide bus mode
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: change clock speed