mmc: core: Fix power_off_notify during suspend
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mmc / core / mmc.c
2011-12-10 Girish K S mmc: core: Fix power_off_notify during suspend
2011-12-10 Girish K S mmc: core: Fix setting power notify state variable...
2011-10-31 Paul Gortmaker mmc: Fix implicit use of stat.h header in associated...
2011-10-27 Seungwon Jeon mmc: core: Cleanup eMMC4.5 conditionals
2011-10-26 Jaehoon Chung mmc: core: support HPI send command
2011-10-26 Seungwon Jeon mmc: core: Add cache control for eMMC4.5 device
2011-10-26 Seungwon Jeon mmc: core: Modify the timeout value for writing power...
2011-10-26 Kyungmin Park mmc: core: new discard feature support at eMMC v4.5
2011-10-26 Girish K S mmc: core: Add Power Off Notify Feature eMMC 4.5
2011-10-26 Girish K S mmc: replace printk with appropriate display macro
2011-10-26 Seungwon Jeon mmc: core: Add default timeout value for CMD6
2011-10-26 Namjae Jeon mmc: core: general purpose MMC partition support.
2011-10-26 Andrei Warkentin mmc: core: ext_csd.raw_* used in comparison but never set
2011-10-26 Girish K S mmc: core: eMMC 4.5 Power Class Selection Feature
2011-10-26 Adrian Hunter mmc: core: add eMMC hardware reset support
2011-10-26 Stefan Nilsson XK mmc: core: Set correct bus mode before card init
2011-10-26 Ulf Hansson mmc: core: Fix hangs related to insert/remove of cards
2011-10-26 Balaji T K mmc: core: Put eMMC in Sleep mode before suspend
2011-08-13 Kyungmin Park mmc: core: Detect eMMC v4.5 ext_csd entries
2011-07-13 Philip Rakity mmc: core: Bus width testing needs to handle suspend...
2011-05-25 Philip Rakity mmc: core: eMMC bus width may not work on all platforms
2011-05-25 Philip Rakity mmc: core: add support for eMMC Dual Data Rate
2011-05-25 Andrei Warkentin mmc: MMC boot partitions support.
2011-05-25 Andrei Warkentin mmc: core: Allow setting CMD timeout for CMD6 (SWITCH).
2011-05-25 Andrei Warkentin mmc: Reliable write support.
2011-05-25 Philip Rakity mmc: Ensure linux starts in eMMC user partition
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2011-03-16 Philip Rakity mmc: check if mmc cards < 2GB do sector addressing
2011-03-15 Chuanxiao Dong mmc: export eMMC4.4 enhanced area details to sysfs
2011-01-09 Andy Ross mmc: Fix sd/sdio/mmc initialization frequency retries
2011-01-09 Takashi Iwai mmc: fix mmc_set_bus_width_ddr() call without bus-width...
2011-01-09 Aries Lee mmc: Test bus-width for old MMC devices
2011-01-09 Takashi Iwai mmc: Add support for JMicron 388 SD/MMC controller
2010-11-07 Philip Rakity mmc: Fix printing of card DDR type
2010-10-23 Ohad Ben-Cohen mmc: propagate power save/restore ops return value
2010-10-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: refine DDR support
2010-10-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: Fixes for Dual Data Rate (DDR) support
2010-10-23 Hanumath Prasad mmc: MMC 4.4 DDR support
2010-10-23 Matt Fleming mmc: Add helper function to check if a card is removable
2010-08-12 Adrian Hunter mmc: add erase, secure erase, trim and secure trim...
2010-08-11 Hanumath Prasad mmc: only set blockaddressed for > 2GiB cards
2010-08-11 Kyungmin Park mmc: recognize CSD structure
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-24 Adrian Hunter mmc: fix incorrect interpretation of card type bits
2010-01-11 Adrian Hunter mmc: allow for MMC v4.4
2009-12-15 Ben Hutchings mmc: add module parameter to set whether cards are...
2009-09-23 Nicolas Pitre mmc: propagate error codes back from bus drivers' suspe...
2009-09-23 Wolfgang Muees mmc_spi: fail gracefully if host or card do not support...
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: check status after MMC SWITCH command
2009-09-23 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: add mmc card sleep and awake support
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add ability to save power by powering off cards
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add MMC_CAP_NONREMOVABLE host capability
2009-09-15 David Brownell driver model: constify attribute groups
2009-04-08 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: Accept EXT_CSD rev 1.3 since it is backwards compa...
2008-12-31 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: Add 8-bit bus width support
2008-07-15 Deepak Saxena MMC: Trivial comment cleanup
2008-03-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: use sysfs groups to handle conditional attributes
2007-10-17 Florin Malita mmc: possible leak in mmc_read_ext_csd
2007-09-23 David Brownell MMC core learns about SPI
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: replace BUG_ON with WARN_ON
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: add missing printk levels
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: read ext_csd version number
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: improve error code feedback
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: remove custom error codes
2007-07-26 Pierre Ossman mmc: add missing printk levels
2007-07-26 Pierre Ossman mmc: be more verbose about card insertions/removal
2007-07-25 Pierre Ossman mmc: Don't hold lock when releasing an added card
2007-07-25 Pierre Ossman mmc: update header file paths
2007-07-09 Pierre Ossman mmc: fix silly copy-and-paste error
2007-07-09 Pierre Ossman mmc: refactor bus operations
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: remove old card states
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: support unsafe resume of cards
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: separate out reading EXT_CSD
2007-05-01 Philip Langdale MMC: Fix handling of low-voltage cards
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: add bus handler