misc: ti-st: Adding IORESOURCE_IRQ_OPTIONAL case
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / misc / a2220.c
2013-07-12 Philip Rakity audio: a2220: remove compile warnings
2013-04-19 Eric Miao audio: a2220: disable and release clk when probe failed
2013-04-08 Vijay Mali audio: a2220: Handle probe failure
2013-02-19 Bo Yan audio: a2220: Fix the wrong GPIO for reset
2012-11-23 Rahul Mittal a2220: Set audience passthrough modes for ASP+VSP
2012-11-16 Dara Ramesh audio: a2220: updated audience driver
2012-10-27 Rahul Mittal asoc: tegra: cs42l73: slave mode support
2012-10-11 Vijay Mali asoc: tegra: audio pinmux for CS42L73
2012-10-10 Dara Ramesh audio: a2220 voice processor driver