Merge branch 'for-lak' of git:// into sa1100
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mfd / t7l66xb.c
2009-06-17 Samuel Ortiz mfd: fix tmio related warnings
2009-06-13 Philipp Zabel MFD,mmc: tmio_mmc: make HCLK configurable
2009-04-04 Tobias Klauser mfd: Storage class should be before const qualifier
2008-10-19 Ian Molton mfd: update TMIO drivers to use the clock API
2008-08-10 Ian Molton mfd: t7l66 MMC platform data
2008-08-10 Samuel Ortiz mfd: Fix 7l66 and 6387 according to the new mfd-core API
2008-08-10 Ian Molton mfd: driver for the T7L66XB TMIO SoC