MFD: twl4030-codec -> twl4030-audio: Rename the driver
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mfd / ab8500-core.c
2011-05-26 Linus Walleij mfd: Provide ab8500-core enumerators for chip cuts
2011-03-28 Bibek Basu gpio: driver for 42 AB8500 GPIO pins
2011-03-26 Thomas Gleixner mfd: Cleanup irq namespace
2011-03-23 Mattias Wallin mfd: ab8500-core switch off status added
2011-03-23 Mattias Wallin mfd: ab8500 chip revision 3.0 support
2011-01-14 Mattias Wallin mfd: ab8500-core chip version cut 2.0 support
2011-01-14 Mark Brown mfd: Convert AB8500 to new irq_ methods
2011-01-14 Mattias Wallin mfd: ab8500-core ioresources irq for subdrivers added
2011-01-14 Mattias Wallin mfd: ab8500-core wake up from suspend
2011-01-14 Mattias Wallin mfd: Export ab8500 chip id to sysfs
2011-01-14 Mattias Wallin mfd: ab8500-core improved error handling in get_chip_id
2010-12-22 Mattias Wallin mfd: Fix ab8500-core interrupt ffs bit bug
2010-10-28 Mattias Wallin mfd: AB8500 debugfs
2010-10-28 Arun Murthy misc: Add ab8500 pwm driver
2010-10-28 Mattias Wallin mfd: Align ab8500 with the abx500 interface
2010-09-05 Sundar R Iyer Input: add support for PowerOn button on the AB8500 MFD
2010-08-11 Sundar R Iyer ab8500-mfd: add regulator support to ab8500 mfd device
2010-05-27 Rabin Vincent mfd: New AB8500 driver